How to Monetize Your Blog With PayClick Native Ads, Friendly Advertisement Readers

SMKN1Slahung – The year 2017 is still filled with so many internet users or those who have long been in the world of marketing to begin to widen the scope of its business.One that is still a favorite of course by developing a blog for later monetized in order to bring benefits.
Is blogging currently still potential?
Of course yes, especially if we look at the fact that the penetration of internet facilities and various supporters are more advanced as it is today.
Deeper discussing, related to blog or website monetization efforts, we can try some options such as do not sell personal product, become affiliate or perhaps most popular joining advertising program.
Well for the third option, friends who have long lived the world of internet marketing would know that nowadays there are many emerging advertising programs that we can use to become a profit magnet.
Choosing a Blog Advertising Program
But again we are faced with several issues such as the difficulty of following the rules of an advertising program, the small or the worse the revenue is whether the advertising program really proves to pay.
The most mainstream, we certainly know the name #Google AdSense.The original advertising program made by this giant Google company has become a life support for thousands and even millions of people around the world.But the problem, running Google AdSense is also not without problems.
Evidently, there are still many people who feel frustrated because the blog monetization efforts through Google AdSense never resulted in the desired results.We will not discuss the length of the matter.But instead, we will discuss one of the solutions we can take.
What is that?Ie by trying another advertising cooperation program, for example with PayClick Native Ads.
When viewed again, currently there may be dozens of online-based advertising companies that can be used as an alternative to AdSense.What should be wary of, not a few of the advertising program providers are actually ultimately hurt the bloggers for several things.
However, it turns out there are of course some of which are actually proven to pay and can be an appropriate alternative to Google AdSense replacement.
One of them, which can be a recommendation for all colleaguesare Payclick.
About Payclick Native Ads
Almost the same as the Google Adsense program that runs online advertising networks globally, Payclick is also one of the companies engaged in advertising services with global coverage.
Noted, to date the company has a central base in Singapore has been active in more than 100 countries around the world.From there, Payclick advertising network if it is quite large with the number of 120 thousand advertisers.
Judging from the track record, the company began to be developed in 2010 or has been running for 7 years.Though still fairly “young” for the size of global companies, but Payclick has become a partner of a number of large sites.
And the most interesting of these advertising programs is, the concept of advertising is shown.Payclick claims to always display the type of premium advertising based on Native Ads.What isNative Ads?We will discuss it further later.
To be sure, generally the type of native ads will provide a better experience for the reader, thus indirectly increasing the likelihood of revenue of site owner or blog.It is means more money 🙂
Profit Line Using PayClick Native Ads
To try out a new advertising program, what to consider is about the benefits that can be gained or the advantages over other competitors.
Okay, we will discuss it through some points below.
*.Offers Easy Process
It’s common knowledge that signing up for Google AdSense is not an easy thing, at least for some people.Minimum requirements and various other provisions covering the program, the reason why many bloggers who then just glanced at other fishery programs.
This is the first advantage of Payclick.Payclick puts iteasyfor publishers or bloggers who want to join the advertising network.
Delivered that, in order to join Payclick, a site or blog must have a minimum of 100 thousand visitors per month.Is a blog with less traffic than that can not follow Payclick program?The answercan be, but certainly from the side of potential revenue will not be more leverage than the limit.
In addition, the ease of which is also included in the process of registration, installation of advertising code, to payment.For information, Payclick pays publishers on a paid-per-week model with a minimum of $ 20 bucks only.
*.Native Ads ConceptAs promised in the previous description, we will discuss about 1 point plus from Payclick service that is application ofNative Adsconcept.What is Native Ads?In accordance with the information contained on the site, it is explained that native ads is a paid advertisement media concept that implements a natural experience like an original content, including in terms of appearance, content to ad laying.
The point is, advertising in the form of native ads attempted will not interfere with the appearance of our site, and will look like part of the content so that readers are also not disturbed.
It was conveyed that the concept of advertising of this kind has several advantages, among others, has been proven to increase the value of CTR rather than using the concept of non-native ads.Not only that, the concept also will not disappear in the presence of ad blocking software.
More interestingly, this ad structure is an adaptive ad that is able to perform well on multiple platforms not only desktop but mobile through devices such as smartphones and tablets.Payclick also said that, the concept of this ad is in accordance with the standards applied by one of the advertising agency Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).
*.Choice of Monetization
The next advantage of Payclick is offering monetization options for publishers.Not only through the CPC program, we can also choose CPM or advertising based program per 1000 visitors.
Even for sites or blogs that already have high number of visitors, have the opportunity to join exclusive partnership program with various additional advantages.
Still with respect to the choice of monetization, which we can not rule out is the CTR value offered by Payclick.Delivered that the averageCTR Payclickvalue reached 2.3% to 5%.The number is certainly quite tempting, especially for sites with a large amount of traffic.
In addition to some of the above advantages, there are still some other advantages such as help from the support manager, advertising statistics, technical support, cross platform support, payment media options and several other advantages.
How to Register Publisher Payclick
How, interested to try Payclick advertising program?
In accordance with the previously submitted, the registration process in Payclick fairly easy.When we already meet the requirements such as the type of content that does not violate the rules, we can directly register via site.
On the home page of the site, we can choose the “registration” option to register.
Next click on the option “i’m a publisher” to start advertising program.There we have to provide some information such as email, password and Skype.
After that, we will get confirmation that come in our email.By confirming the email, we automatically get Payclick account.
Advertisement Steps
To further complement the information related to payclick advertising program Native Ads, the following colleagues can listen on how to do the installation of ad units.
After we complete the registration process, the next step is logins with emails and passwords that have been made before.
Once logged in, we’ll see the user’s dashboard view.
At the start screen, there is an “add site” button toadd the siteswe have.Just click, there we have to enter some information such as site name, address, language of site content, and traffic from the site.After that click “add”.
Furthermore, to add ads on the site we just choose the option “add a widget”.
There will be several columns, including widget name, text layout, number of creative (specifying number of rows and columns), Teaser Text (set text type), as well as Width and Height (set the length and width of the ad).
After that, we can see an example preview of the ad.If it is appropriate, we just click “save”.
The storage process is complete, we just take the HTML code and then installed on either site that uses wordpress platform, blogger or other platforms.
Please note, the HTML code that appears consists oftwo types.But for the installation process, we just copy and paste all the code in the desired place in sequence.Can be onthesitewidgetor in the content.
But to be tucked into the content.We must parse html first so that ads can appear in the content.Information on how to parse html, already many discussed on other sites please colleagues search yes.
And that is, in general a complete guide on what advertisingprograms are like, the advantages and ways of listing and advertising.In general, arguably this one program is a potential program especially for blogs or sites with the level of visitors medium and high.
But that does not mean, for those who are beginners can not take advantage of the program.The process of registration, requirements to advertising is quite easy, is an advantage that must be utilized when we have not been able to maximize mainstream advertising programs such as Google Adsense.


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