These 6 Reasons Why Many Delete Friendship on Facebook

SMKN1Slahung – People in the digital world today are very concerned about their privacy.In addition to restricting people who can access their Facebook social media accounts, most people choose only friends on Facebook with people they actually know in the real world.
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6. Non-Specific Reasons
From the survey results mentioned that there are other things that cause someone to remove friendship on Facebook.No specific mention of what causes, but some of them mention that they remove friendship with ex-boyfriend.
When we look at sosmed users in Indonesia, the longer the more attention to privacy in social media.Not infrequently Facebook users remove the friendship with an account that like tags carelessly for promotional purposes.And many also Facebook users who remove friendship with his ex because the former is married or have children.
Well, what is your reason to remove friendship in social media up?


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