10 Original Indonesian Culinary with Unique Name

SMKN1Slahung – Indonesia a lot of distinctive culinary variety. In fact, every region in the archipelago has its own unique cuisine. Various types of food that was also a tourist attraction of the country. No wonder if many foreign tourists who also scheduled culinary tours while on holiday in Indonesia. Well, there are also 10 original culinary Indonesia that has a unique name. His name was not just any, but has a meaning and history. Here’s the description.
10 Bread Laughter
If you think you will laugh while eating this bread, then it is wrong. Snacks are commonly found in Medan, North Sumatra is called Roti Ketawa, because there is a cleavage on the surface of this round bread, so it looks like a mouth that is laughing. The form itself is like onde-onde with sesame grains all over the surface. It’s just that the ingredients of bread so much denser, and have no contents of green beans.
9 Cake One
Traditional cake from West Java is usually presented in major events, such as Hari Raya Idul Fitri and weddings. In addition, also made a lot of souvenirs. Named Cake One, because this cake is made by printing one by one the dough using a mold of wooden blocks. The base ingredients themselves are from green beans. While the shape is round or the flowers are white, with a sweet taste and a soft texture.
8 Dollar Cakes
Initially, the pastry from Surabaya, East Java has only a savory taste and crunchy. However, lately there are so many variants of taste, ranging from cheese, sesame, to ginger. No wonder if this food so souvenirs that can not be missed while on vacation in the City of Heroes. Basic ingredients of flour, eggs, and water. Then, made with a mold of iron or aluminum, which is round and flat like a coin, so called Dollar Cake.
7 Pinch Cakes
This snack is very small, so when taking it just use two fingers, like people are pinching. Therefore it is called Cubit Cake. Not only that, when cooking, this cake is taken by using a brace after ripe. Cakes are popular in Jakarta, although many are also found in other areas of Java, is made from a mixture of milk, wheat flour, and water. It’s white on top, and brown on the bottom.
6 Nasi Kentut
Because it is wrapped with fart leaves, this rice-based food is also called by the name of Nasi Kentut. However, you do not have to worry when eating it, because the aroma is certainly not like fart, but instead the leaves provide a delicious aroma and good for digestion. Culinary typical of Medan is usually eaten with a variety of side dishes such as pepes fish, fried chicken, tofu or fried tempeh, and sambal.
5 Tiger Nails
This original Indonesian culinary that has a unique name is called the Tiger Nails. This type of cracker snack found in Borneo is named after that, because its shape is very similar to a tiger’s nails. Known also with the name of crackers, this snack is made from a mixture of tapioca starch and mackerel fish. So, you should not be afraid to eat Tiger Nails, because the owner will not be angry when you take it.
4 Know Gimbal
Gimbal name pinned not because the seller haired dreadlocks, but the name of a fried food made of shrimp fry flour with a crisp taste. Culinary typical of the city of Semarang, Central Java is served with a mixture of tofu and lontong, so called Tahu Gimbal. Tofu itself is fried, mixed with chopped cabbage, bean sprouts, eggs, and lontong, and served with a splash of spicy peanut and shrimp paste.
3 Wild Crackers
Crackers typical city of Cirebon, West Java is called poor, because it is not fried with oil, but with hot sand that has been cleaned. This is done, because the price of oil used to be very expensive, so the sand is used as an innovation. Since then the snack made from tapioca flour is called Kerupuk Melarat. It tastes savory and crisp, making these striking colored crackers fit into a snack or eaten with rice.
2 Nasi Kucing
This food can be found easily in angkringan stalls scattered in various areas in Yogyakarta, because Nasi Kucing is very popular in the city of the Student. Named Cat Rice, not because of the side dish from cat meat, but because the portion of rice is very little like cat food. This special culinary is very delicious, with a variety of dishes. Nasi Kucing is usually served in banana leaf wrap.
1 Bika Ambon
Souvenirs from Medan, North Sumatra is almost like a martabak, ranging from the texture of the holes and yellow color. This food is made with the basic ingredients of eggs, sugar, and coconut milk, with a sweet taste and a little chewy. Interestingly, although originated from Medan, but his name even Bika Ambon. Apparently his name was taken from one street in the city of Medan, where the cake was first produced, namely Jalan Ambon.


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