10 Countries with the Most Expensive Fuel Prices in the World

SMKN1Slahung – Fuel oil (BBM) has become one of the main needs of the world community, in addition to food of course. Although produced in the same way, but the price is even different all over the world. Fuel price is also determined many factors, one of which is the world oil prices. A number of countries set fuel prices very high, because they do not apply subsidies. Here are the 10 countries with the most expensive fuel prices in the world.
10 Iceland
Iceland had experienced oil crisis in the 1970s, along with a number of other countries in Europe. As a result, the government of this country also changed their energy policy, from petroleum to hydro power and geothermal that is widely found in Iceland. Perhaps, because of the background of the condition that’s why the price of fuel in this small country is quite expensive. Fuel prices in Iceland reached 1.44 US dollars per liter, or about Rp 19,445.
9 Portugal
Fuel taxes are one of the few levies raised in Portugal since 2001. Do not be surprised if taxes account for 64% of the country’s fuel prices. The tax takes into account carbon dioxide emissions and cylinder capacity, with the aim of protecting the environment. Hence, the price of fuel in this European country reached 1.45 US dollars per liter, or about Rp 19,580, with average daily income of 53 US dollars.
8 Israel
BBM in Israel sold for 1.46 US dollars per liter, equivalent to Rp 19,715. In fact, the price had increased to more expensive again, reaching 1.64 US dollars, or about Rp 21,298 per liter. However, despite the price of fuel in Israel is very expensive, Bloomberg has measured that the price of fuel is still able to be purchased local residents. Noted, the level of fuel affordability in the country is ranked 26th.
Mayotte 7
Mayotte is actually one of the union territories under French rule. Although a part of France, but this country has its own government. In addition, they are also given the authority to regulate their economy. Hence, no wonder if the price of fuel in this country is different, even including one of the most expensive in the world. Fuel price in Mayotte reached 1.49 US dollars, or about Rp 20,120.
6 Italy
Fuel prices in Italy jumped sharply shortly after Prime Minister Mario Monti came to power in November 2011. His government raised fuel tax by about 25%, so the second highest in Western Europe after the Netherlands, as an austerity measure for state budget control. Currently, the price of fuel in the country of Pizza that reached 1.5 US dollars, equivalent to Rp 20,256 per liter, with average daily income of 88 US dollars.
5 Danish
Most countries in Europe do apply a very high fuel tax, with the aim of increasing the cost of retail consumers. Similarly, Denmark, which became the seventh European country in terms of the highest fuel taxes. Fuel price in this country reached 1.51 US dollars per liter, or equivalent to Rp 20,391. But the average daily income of Danish citizens is also quite high, which amounted to 151 US dollars, so the high price of fuel is not too meaningful.
4 Monaco
Monaco is a small country surrounded by France and the Mediterranean Sea. Interestingly, the city’s sovereign territory with this monarchical government system is not a member of the European Union. His government is still implementing monopolies in various sectors. No wonder if the fuel was appreciated exorbitant in Monaco. Currently, the price could reach 1.60 US dollars, or equivalent to Rp 21,606. However, the standard of living in this country is very high.
3 Netherlands
‘Country Windmills’ is known as a country with a population that is very fond of traveling bike riding. Infrastructure built by the Dutch government also makes its citizens more comfortable to use bicycles with easier access; Ranging from bike parking to special lanes. Naturally if the fuel price of 1.62 US dollars (about Rp 21,876) in this country is quite expensive, not too influential on the community.
2 Norway
This Scandinavian country is actually one of the oil producers in Europe. But Norway still sells fuel at a very expensive price, reaching 1.63 US dollars per liter, or about Rp 22,011. Governments in this country prefer to use the oil profits to provide services such as free high education to savings for infrastructure improvements, rather than providing fuel subsidies to residents.
1 Hong Kong
Hong Kong becomes the world’s most expensive fuel country, at 1.77 US dollars, equivalent to Rp 23,902. If averaged, it turns out Hong Kong residents have to pay twice as much than the Chinese population to buy fuel. The capitalist economic system characterized by low taxes and free trade can be the main reason for the high fuel prices in China’s special administrative region.


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