Fasting Can Trigger the Regeneration of Immune Cells

SMKN1Slahung – Fasting worship in addition to beneficial to mental health from the spiritual side, can also be useful for physical health.This has been proven by various studies such as one conducted by researchers at the University of Southern California (USC).
In a report in the journal Cell Stem Cell 2014 researchers found that by fasting stem cells for white blood responsible for immunity could be encouraged to regenerate.This is known after the researchers conducted experiments on mice.
By applying a fasting diet pattern of not eating for 2-4 days for some time in a month, immune cells that are damaged or old are forced to die and then new cells will appear.
“When you are starving, the body system will try to save energy and one way is to recycle immune cells that are not needed especially damaged,” said one researcher, Valter Longo, as quoted from the official university website, USC News, Monday (05/29/2017).
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Valter describes this process as an airplane that throws excess cargo to make its flight lighter.Well when fasting the body will seek energy reserves by destroying glucose, fat, ketone, and white blood cells.
Photo: thinkstock
Furthermore, researchers say the fasting enzyme called PKA and hormone IGF-1 will also be reduced.Enzymes and hormones are linked into a trigger signal for the body’s cells begin to regenerate.
“So if your immune system is badly damaged by chemotherapy or aging, by fasting then the immune system can regenerate to become new,” added Valter.


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