RECIPES: Baked Cheese Tart Textured Crispy and Creamy

Cheese tart is now a snack hits various places one of them in the capital.Crunchy tart skins and soft cheeses often make a lot of tongues in love.
The widely known cake originated from Jeoang is sold with various prices.For those of you who want to save money, maybe you can create your own cheese tart with cheese tart recipe from Advisory Chef Anchor Food Professional, Yus Andriana.The following materials and how to manufacture.
Leather pie 25 pieces
Materials 1
Anchor Butter 145gr
Baker mix blending 20gr
Refined sugar 75gr
Materials 2
Egg 50gr
Maizena 25gr
Medium protein flour 240gr
Milk powder 20gr
Baking powder 4gr
Fresh grated parmesan cheese 50gr
How to make:
1. Beat ingredients 1 to creamy, pour the ingredients 2 gradually, mix well.
2. Print in tart shell (tart mold) (4cm diameter 55/24)
3. Weigh 14gr, bake 150 degrees until cooked and yellow
Cream cheese filling
Anchor Cream cheese 500gr
Sugar 150gr
Maizena 5gr
Anchor whipping cream 375g (shake)
Vanilla essence 5gr
Parmesan powder 5gr
How to make:
1. Beat cream cheese and sugar until soft
2. Add parmesan and cornstarch
3. Stir with whipped cream (70%)
4. Piping the top of the tart that has been cold and weigh 30gr, freeze before baking
5. Polish with egg yolks, bake at a temperature of 200 degrees for 5-8 minutes.
Tips from Chef Yun:
– Before bake the skin tart, skin tart skewer with a fork.This needs to be done so that the hot air flow does not make the kick tarts become bubbly or sticking up.
– If the tart skin dough wants to be stored for a long time, you can bake until half-baked and then freeze in the freezer by using a sealed container.
“This tart leather can difrozen up to one month, before the re-use polish with yolk,” said Chef Yun sat held cooking class class Anchor Food Professional cooking in Fontera Office, Jakarta some time ago.


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