RECIPES: Sweet Sour Green Shells, Suitable for Fasting Breaks

SMKN1Slahung – The combination of sweet taste of soy sauce and spices in a serving of sweet sour mussels guaranteed to make your tongue does not stop swaying.This protein-rich menu is also suitable to serve your iftar with your family.
If you are curious to try the sweet and savory flavor that seep into the green shells, here is a recipe leaked from Elly, catering entrepreneur who creates the shellfish from thegrandmotherto
Before you start cooking, Elly gives you a few tips on cultivating the shell.Soak the shell for 15 minutes, then replace the soaking water and soak the mussels again in the same timeframe.
After that, just boiled the mussels for a few minutes.However, you should first boil water with spices such as ginger, galangal, and lemon grass until boiling.Only then can you enter the shells.
Sweet sour clams
-5 kilograms of green mussels
-100 grams of ginger
-100 grams galangal
-3 lemongrass stalks
-3 orange leaves
-2 bay leaves
-Right amount of oil
– Sufficient basil
-Close celery enough
-Fresh lemon juice to taste
Sauce ingredients
-2 pieces of loin
-Red onion peeled
-1 segment of ginger finger
– Tomatoes to taste
-Close grind to taste
– Sufficient fish taste
How to make
1. Boil the shell that has been cleaned for 15 minutes.Then set aside.
2. To make the sauce, grind all the ingredients until smooth.Then heat the cooking oil and saute the seasoning until fragrant.Add the mussels, stir well, then reduce the heat and let the spices seep into the shell for 10 minutes.
3. Once cooked, add a few basil leaves and a fine celery.Before eating, give a few drops of lemon juice to strengthen the taste.


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