RECIPES: Yellow Enjoyment of Boiled Eggs that Lumer in the Mouth

SMKN1Slahung – Boiling may be the easiest way to cook eggs.Process it bypoachingcan end up messy, while for frying, you must use spatula.
Not to mention the scrambled eggs whose texture can become rubbery if cooked incorrectly.While the omelets, many cooks are still learning to make it perfectly.
By boiling the eggs, you can simply insert the egg into the water following with the shell, and wait until cooked.Even so, there are some people who like to eat a boiled egg with the yellow part is still half cooked, so melted when eaten.
Then, how to boil an egg that is half-cooked yellow?
Here’s the recipe, as reported from the Huffington Postpage.
Boiled eggs undercooked
-Enough water
How to make
1. Put the egg into a pot that size is large enough.You can cook directly up to 6 eggs, just do not stacked.
2. Pour cold water into the pan containing the egg and light the fire.Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and prepare a timer.Set the time according to the desired level of boiled egg maturity.
3. Keep boiling your eggs and be sure not to cover the pan.
4. Once the timer is gone, lift the egg and flush or soak it with cold water to stop the cooking process.
5. Peel and eggs are ready to serve.
According to the cookbook of the French Culinary Institute, the following is a record of cooking boiled egg time according to the desired level of maturity.
-Soft-boiled egg: 3 minutes
-Medium-soft boiled egg: 4 minutes
-Hard-boiled egg: 11 minutes


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