Sahur Practical Recipes: Vegetable Chicken Balls

SMKN1Slahung – Preparing meals for sahur, most people, like to cook menu that is easy to process and practical.However, it must be remembered, practical food should still contain high nutritional value, let alone the menu to eat sahur.
Spoken by nutritionist Rita Ramayulis DCN M.Kes., The principle of Sahur that must meet the nutrients and energy through food that is easily digested.”Low-fat proteins are chosen to be easy to digest and energize until the afternoon, and fried with a little oil,” he said.
For those of you who are confused to cook what to eat sahur, following a practical recipe that can be tried at home.Vegetable Chicken Balls.In addition to the ingredients contain protein, low fat, Vegan Chicken Balls from Rita is also delicious and tempting.
Vegetable Chicken Balls
150 gr chopped chicken breast
1 carrot, diced small, half boiled
Salt, pepper, fried onions and chopped onion to taste.
100 gr wheat flour
1 egg
150 gr bread flour
How to make
1. Put the chopped chicken into a container, mix it with carrots, sugar, salt, and pepper.Stir.
2. The shape of the dough becomes round like a ball
3. Put the chicken ball into the flour
4. Spread the chicken ball with eggs that have been shaken
5. Coast of chicken ball with bread flour
6. Fry chicken balls, remove if the color is yellowish.
7. Chicken balls ready to serve


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