Think Regular Play Time, Rooney Leave MU?

SMKN1Slahung – Wayne Rooney’s future puzzle with Manchester United next season is still unanswered.Until now, the attacker and captain of the Red Devils still have not made any decisions about his future.
Until now, Rooney has 13 seasons to defend the banner ofThe Red Devil.Not only that, with a record 253 goals in 559 appearances in all competitions, Rooney is the top scorer of all time MU.However, this 31-year-old player season is rarely lowered by Jose Mourinho.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s arrival and growing young striker Marcus Rashford put Rooney’s position out of the way.In the event the Premier League, Rooney only appear in 25 matches.And overall in all competitions, he only played in 39 matches.
Not getting regular play time, clearly make Rooney think to leave.Regular play time is certainly the main reason.Rooney admitted that he really wants to get back regular playing time with MU.
But, he is also thinking about the number of offers to leave.Rooney even revealed there are many offers from within and from outside England Although, Rooney also said if Mourinho wants him to remain uniformed MU next season.
“There are a lot of offers on the table, both in England and overseas, which is exactly what I have to decide, as the previous manager said he wanted me to survive, but that is the decision I should make now. Do it (be a backup) or play regular football, “Rooney said quoted by theDaily Star.
“I have to make decisions in terms of football.I’m always a team player.This year, I never sulk (to the manager) I let my head fall I understand what is best for the team I have helped the manager when the manager gave me the role , “He said.


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