Beautiful Presenter Sandra Olga’s Story Photo with Andy Carroll

Presenter Gojek Traveloka League 1 and League 2 tvOne, Sandra Olga, have a myriad of stories while returning on vacation from London.No other not, he did intend to watch the Chelsea VS Watford game.
“I’m going to see Chelsea VS Watford, I think Chelsea won and I will enjoy the victory euphoria because he’s in his own stadium.Wow it will be fun, win again,” he recalls to the office Portrait Management, South Jakarta.
This bloody German girl was so hysterical when she had taken pictures with Andy Carrol.He also showed off the unusual moment to his instagram account.
“Goal of the season goes to @andytcarroll in player awards of @westham He sit beside my table Happy #sportcaster #football #match #andycarroll #westham #england #nationalteam,” Sandra wrote in a red dress on her instagram.
“My table next to him, Andy Carrol.I direct the photos together and Ipublish, many comments,” he said happy.
Shoots loved, ulam arrived.After watching the game, a friend introduced to other friends.Sandra also get a golden opportunity to sit in the VVIP line Westham watch the game.
Again he excitedly told me he could get a chance to meet and take a picture with Daniel Sturridge.
“It’s a financial sponsorship of the seats, the members and I are sitting there, there’s food and the lounge too, and I can call Daniel Sturridge,” he said.(Ren)


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