Commission I of the House of Representatives: ISIS Potential in Indonesia

SMKN1Slahung – The threat of terrorism has prompted the Indonesian National Army to play an active role.According to Vice Chairman of Commission I of Tubagus Hasanuddin, besides TNI and Polri, people also need to be involved to monitor the entry of terrorists to the country.
“Every inch of Indonesia’s land must be controlled, who is it?” That’s a social life so that our neighbors know who we are and if we see negative things reported to the authorities, “Hasanuddin said at the House of Representatives, Senayan, Central Jakarta , Wednesday, May 31, 2017.
Although there is a threat of entry ISIS militants from the Philippines, but Hasanuddin reminded the potential of domestic terrorists also can not be underestimated.
“In fact, the ISIS is potentially in the country, probably now in hiding villages, in uncontrolled villages, probably already doing uncontrolled training by intelligence,” Hasanuddin said.
According to this former TNI soldier, the training could take the form of an increase in extremist ideology.Ideology is said to be included in various forms, including da’wah.”If ideology, it’s something that can be transferred through various things, internet, phone, da’wah, can be anything,” said Hasanuddin.(Asp)


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