Demian Made Simon Cowel Gawk at America’s Got Talent

SMKN1Slahung – Magician Demian Adityaparticipatedin America’s Got Talent event.In the event, Demian made the jury and audience amazed.
In the show, he shows off the action, removing the handcuffs and the iron bands around the neck in just seconds.But, not in the usual way, if within two minutes he can not get away, then, his body will be buried in the sand of a box.
Thanks to his efforts, Demian successfully made the jury gawked.Even Simon Cowell who became one of the judges in the arena was amazed by the action demonstrated by Demian.Not only that, the other judges also gave astanding applausefor Demian.The audience also looked amazed.
This Demian action is uploaded by Demian himself in his Instagram account, _demianaditya_.
“See the full video in my bio link, and do not forget ti support me in @agt ???????????????? (finger cross)

Write the name of Indonesia on the international glass screen, a dream I’ve long dreamed of bs show to the world of art of magic from Indonesia, “wrote Demian in his Instagram account.


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