Vega Darwanti Increase Fruits and Vegetables To Break

Presenter Vega Darwanti is determined to keep food and drink intake during the holy month of Ramadan.Although every day busy with shooting live program Pesbukers, Vega do not forget to maintain health.
The key, he continued to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables during fasting.
“During the month of Ramadan I baseball ngebedain hell with ordinary days, it’s just that if more Ramadan dibadanin fruit same vegetables because we are hours of baseball eating and drinking,” said Vega to studios Pesbukers ANTV.
Watermelon becomes the main choice during meal and breaking.In addition to consuming good fats, he chose the avocado to break the fast.
Day after day Vega is often brought their own lunch during Pesbukers filming.A few days into the holy month of Ramadan, too.
“Well enter the third day began to have buffet food that has been complete four healthy five perfect here (Pesbukers),” he said again.
31-year-old woman was not only assisted by the intake of nutrition alone to achieve the ideal body weight.She always exercises lightly to fill empty time.(Ren)


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