Books About Prophet Muhammad Break the World Record

SMKN1Slahung – The story of Muhammad SAW as a Prophet inspired all Muslims in the world.His journey of life also attracted many non-Muslims to learn more about Islam.
That is the reason the leader of Mashahad International Group, Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al Awlaki, published the book of the story of Prophet Muhammad SAW.The author is an Arab author, Abdullah Abdulaziz Al-Muslih.
Quoted fromEmirates247,Saturday,May 3, 2017, this book titledThis is Muhammadto the spectacle of citizens of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.Cause, the book is made with a very large size.
Has a length of five meters and a width of eight meters, the book consists of 431 pages and has a weight of 1500 kilograms.It tells about the achievements and the positive effects that the Prophet presented to life around the world.
The book that is currently on display at Al Wahda, Abu Dhabi was successfully broke the world record.There are at least five records of the book, the world’s largest, the longest in the world, the world’s widest, heaviest in the world, and the most expensive in the world.
The first Arabic book to enter the world record also received 22 awards, both local and international.It took 300 people and nine months to complete the book.
Funds needed to complete the bookThis is Muhammad isestimated to reach 11 million United Arab Emirates Dirhams, equivalent to Rp39.8 billion.


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