Compete America, China Make Super Sophisticated Missiles

SMKN1Slahung – China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp. (CASIC) as one of China’s premier defense contractors, has announced the successful production of defense weapon systems.
Launched on Saturday,June 3, 2017,The China Dailysaid the new weapon is very complicated and difficult to develop.Thus, only Russia and America alone could have such technology.
“This is one of China’s biggest concerns (losing technology).” To solve this problem, China is developing super-sophisticated ground, sea andmulti-headmissiles, “said nuclear researcher at Beijing’s Global Policy, Zhao Tong.
As is known, since the last few months, the spread of American missile systems (missiles) in the South Korean region has sparked protests from China.Because, China assess the system can detect the presence of weapons of his country.
The same thing also expressed Russian President, Vladimir Putin.He voiced his concern for the spread of the US missile defense system, which he says has destroyed the strategic balance of the world.
“What’s happening is a worrying process, in Alaska and now in South Korea, should we just watch this? Of course not, we’re thinking about how to respond to this challenge,” Putin said.


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