Often Fires Balistic Missiles, UN Threatens North Korea

SMKN1Slahung – United Nations Security Council agrees to extend sanctions against North Korea over its provocative actions that continue to test ballistic missiles.This resolution is also approved by the United States and China.
As is known since Trump was elected President of the United States, he continued to pressure China, which is North Korea’s main ally.The US warned that if North Korea continues to develop a nuclear program, then Uncle Sam’s country will not hesitate to take firm steps.
“The United States will continue to seek peaceful resolution and diplomatic steps over this situation,” US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley toldReuterson Saturday, June 3, 2017.
Haley added, regardless of the diplomatic and financial consequences, the United States also expressed readiness to fight North Korean aggression in other ways, if necessary.
“The Security Council sent a very clear message to North Korea today to stop firing ballistic missiles, or to face the consequences,” Haley said.
The UNSC resolution, adopted unanimously by all members of the council, sanctioned the four North Korean entities.These include Koryo Bank, the Army Strategic Rocket Force and Pyongyang’s overseas spy operations.
The UN Security Council first imposed sanctions against Pyongyang in 2006 on its ballistic and nuclear missile program.The sanctions were later stepped up after North Korea continuously launched its nuclear and long-range missile tests five times.


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