Pretty Dangerous, Iranian Ninja Woman Steal Attention

SMKN1Slahung – Recently revealed photos of young women from Iran who practice martial arts style ninja.Collection of elegant-looking woman was then known by the name of an Iranian ninja woman.
In practice, young women use Ninjutsu-style equipment.They trained at the Jughin Palace complex, about 25 Kilometers from Tehran, Iran.
Quoted, the Iranian female ninja mentioned join in a community that already has members of about 4,000 people and they want to be kunoichi or ninja female title.
Actually this activity mentioned has been going on since 1989. They practiced crippling the opponent with a silent slitting throat.These srikandi also use a variety of sharp weapons while practicing including with swords and arrows.
While the term Ninjutsu refers to the ancient knights in Japan known during the period 1185 to 1868.
One woman named Melika said, practicing martial arts made him feel more free expression.It was delivered to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.


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