Marimas Bikin Adem, Tidak Bikin Batuk 

Marimas drinks that make cool, do not make cough, do not make throat so gatel-gatel. Who does not know the drink from Indonesia this one?

Most people of Indonesia must have many who know Marimas powder drink. Marimas drinks have always been the most popular among schoolgirls during their school breaks, one of which is my own. This powdered beverage does indeed make cool, and does not make a cough even though it is served using cold water. Suitable for the climate in Indonesia is getting hotter year. Not to mention served with cold water, hmm steady is make cool.

Marimas Powder Beverages itself is one of the products of PT. Marimas Putera Kencana, although most Indonesian people are familiar with Marimas Powder Beverages, but surely only a few Indonesian people who know about PT. Marimas Putera Kencana. Then, what, who, and where PT. Marimas Putera Kencana? Let’s see my article below.

Company Profile of Marimas Powder Beverage Manufacturer

Do you know? PT. Marimas Putera Kecana is a company engaged in the production of food and beverages with the main product is Marimas powder drink that has been circulating in Indonesia since 1995 ago and known by the people of Indonesia until now. Starting from a home industry company originally managed with family management system, now has grown into a large-scale national company with product distribution covering in all regions of Indonesia and Abroad.

The first production of Marimas was conducted in October 1995 in Semarang with a variant of Fresh Orange. Until now Marimas has 24 variants of flavor. One of them is the taste of fruits, Marimas Drink Powder Fruits are freshness is no doubt.

Products PT. Marimas Putera Kencana

Other products are Milkimas Es Puter milk beverage which is available in 8 flavors, tea powder with Arum Tea brand, and Marimas Adem with 4 flavor variants, ice stick product with brand Marimas Ice Lilin, Indosedap Milk Ginger, fruit powder beverage product Premium with 100% authentic sugar with Marimas Fruitz brand, and 3 in 1 coffee product with Koko Beluk Icepresso brand.

Consistency and Product Quality PT. Marimas Putera Kencana

In improving quality and controlling the consistency of quality, PT. Marimas Putera Kencana has implemented Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2000 certified by Certification Body from Australia and is currently in the implementation phase of ISO 22000. And all products from PT. Marimas Putera Kencana has been awarded Halal Certification by Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) and registered with Indonesian Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM).

So, no doubt about the quality and consistency of the quality of PT products. Marimas Putera Kencana.

Safe, Qualified, and Halal.

Location of PT. Marimas Putera Kencana

The head office of PT. Marimas Putera Kencana is located in Kawasan Industri Candi Gatot Subroto Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. In Semaranglah Marimas Drink Make Adem, Not Make Cough first produced.

Until now, Marimas Beverage is still a prima donna by the people of Indonesia. Activities in broad daylight, hot-hot, delicious drink a fresh drink, orange ice is the main choice when hot after ice tea.

But want to buy ice orange peres in stalls fear unhygienic, Marimas the right solution to overcome the problem, Marimas Drink Powder is packaged in a modern way so avoid the dirty hands when presenting it. So Marimas Safe Drink Every Day

In accordance with the quality and standardization that has been applied PT. Marimas Putera Kencana,

Marimas Safely Taken Every Day , and Marimas Do Not Cough . Here are the Facts about Marimas Drinks in Indonesian Society.

Interesting Facts About Marimas Powder Drink Make Adem, Not Make Cough In Indonesia

1. Marimas Quality Powder Drinks

Do you know? As I mentioned earlier, regarding the profile of the producer company of Marimas Powder Beverage, Marimas production was first done in 1995 in October in Semarang with a variant of the Fresh Jeruk flavor that became the most popular variant of Marimas flavor to date. Kebayang dong Marimas already has a lot of experience in creating quality products. Supported also with certification obtained from the Agency, Institution or related Agencies. What makes Marimas continue to make improvements and innovations in creating products Halal and Safe powder Drinks to be consumed for Marimas consumer health worldwide, especially Indonesia.

2. Marimas Are Everywhere

Indeed yes Marimas it Drinks are always there wherever we are, yes it means in the shop and so on.

I still remember well Drink Powder this one is a Drink Powder that many hunted my friends while on school break or after exercise. Because it is Marimas Drink Powder that make cool while sultry and eliminate thirst. Plus ice, hmm adem dah .. haha

Until now, Marimas are often found in every food stalls, including Warteg.

3. Marimas Drinks Make Adem

No doubt yes yes, Marimas is a drink served with cold water, so it can make cool. But that’s not what makes cool, if only ice water or cold water drunk cold water or water mixed with iced water enough, but that makes it cool because Marimas is made with selected fruits that are made in the form of powder for easy to serve. Indeed dah Marimas Make Adem

4. Marimas Do not Cough

Medium flu? Are you sure Marima does not make a cough? Yes that’s his name already cough before drinking. Marimas Drink Does not Make Cough It means Marimas if taken do not make a hoarse throat, gatel-gatel, which can cause cough.

5. Marimas Powder Drink With Most Variety Flavor

In total there are 24 Variants of Marimas Flavor, including Orange Variant. But indeed the legendary Marimas Rasa Jeruk can make you really cool. Well but I am also demen nih same new variant of Marimas, namely Marimas Rasa Cincau. Can make an alternative if again bored with orange nih. It’s true Marimas dah Innovasinya steady.

Interesting facts about Marimas Powder Legendary Powder that can make cool daylight and not make a cough. Hopefully my article on ” Marimas Bikin Adem, Not Coughing ” can help readers in adding insight to this legendary Powder Beverage product from Indonesia.
Marimas make Adem, Not make Cough Marimas products Powdered Drinks Powder because Marimas Not Make Cough Slogan Marimas Makin Ku Like Drinks powder on the market there are many forms but of the many Drink Powder Drinks Fruit is only a few who do not cough if Drunk especially for children of growth age do not get us wrong because there are many fresh beverage products are safe to eat every day but the fact is not safe at all, for parents it must remain selective to provide a kind of fruit powder drink beverage.

Parental parenthood is not unreasonable because of learning from experience, as a parent would have passed through childhood, also interspersed small mischief like something that should not be drunk by parents still remain in the drink if not supervised, consequently when home we often cough because One drink and snack ice or consume fruit powder other fruit flavor.

As parents we understand very well with such risks and try not to happen to the child, therefore there are many parents’ prohibition to children when buying snacks such as beverage stalls, on the other hand the experience of parents is not all about the bad but there are also Well as an example if I could story my childhood when I was in elementary school about 20 years ago, I am one big fan of powder drink that is often sold in school cafeteria.

Of the many refreshing powder drinks are very few who do not make a cough, one of which is my own marimas product is almost ready to buy this snack without the knowledge of parents but alhamdullilah every drink this snack never cough, you could say ” Marimas make Adem, No Make Cough “if I choose every time I want to buy is definitely” Marimas Drink Powdered Fruit “because” Marimas Not Make Cough “.

From the experience of childhood is true “Marimas Safe Drink Every Day” I do not worry when seeing a child drink Marimas because I used to consume it often, Not only make immediately or cool but there are many benefits to be gained if we drink marimas other than that the quality of this product It is guaranteed because it has advantages as attached below.

Marimas Adem

Marimas refreshing drink that can make cool drink well every day, Marimas have been there since the past has even become the main choice of products for consumers, especially for children, teenagers and even adults to accompany a relaxing time especially when conditions are hot, arguably marimas besides make cool also refreshing , Everyone from all walks of life ranging from the lower to middle drink marimas fit again hot mixed with ice terrace nkman other than that the price is very cheap, though cheap marimas not cheap drinks, classy.

Local product

Marimas is one of the domestic products engaged in the field of food of superior products of this company is a powder product such as Marimas, we need not hesitate because the production of Marimas is domestically assured because through the tight supervision and supervision of the food and drug supervisory bodies, unlike most Overseas products that sometimes contain lots of harmful substances, especially for children, Marimas are produced using fresh fruit of choice, Marimas can be regarded as Expor’s standard domestic products.

Marimas Segar

There are a lot of similar beverage products that use a variety of citrus fruit that can be refreshing, sometimes we as consumers confused with the choice and begin selectively to choose a product that suits the needs of course we need a reason, unlike the product in general marimas offer many kinds of fruit Which safely dikelolah with natural sweetener of course very safe to consume and provide freshness without having to spend enough money to have enough money just a few thousand we can enjoy the freshness of the original fruit of marimas products.

Drink Aneka Buah

Not only one type of fruit that is in Marimas drinks but there are many fresh fruit and make cool, fresh fruit fresh fruit freshness of the fruit of choice will be obtained only with one package, the marimas, the original fruits mixture is still fresh processed into powder and Combined with other fruits, we can enjoy a healthy refreshing drink and do not need artificial sweetener kwatir because marimas made from various original fruits.

Original Indonesia Product

There is a slogan “Love Indonesian products” or I love Indonesian products, the slogan is incomplete if we do not merelisasikannya because the form of our love will be poured from us consume the original product of Indonesia, why we should choose the original products like Marimas Indonesia, the answer is we will get a drink Which is not only refreshing but healthy and safe because we know very well the processing, even the original product of Indonesia this one has the quality of Expor and has proven very in demand since time immemorial has several generations of this drink can survive and innovate to provide the best to consumers so no need to hesitate.

Safe And Healthy

As a parent we always pay attention to what will be drunk by children let alone related to snacks because at this time a lot of harmful substances that exist in food and drinks even no kidding impact will be very fatal if we do not selectively choose the growth of children will be disturbed, and Even harmful to health, luckily Marimas is not like that because Marimas is safe and healthy because through very long stages and test leb and through the stern supervision of BPPOM and MUI, and other supervision, we need not hesitate with this one product because it has been proven Safe and healthy.

Not Coughing

Often we find children who like to eat cough and runny nose after consuming food or beverage powder, we certainly do not want it to happen to our children, but we also can not supervise every time because children can just look for opportunities outside the parents to buy a snack parent Which they like, we will not be able to monitor the child 24 hours there must be a child’s blemish do not allowed, then from that as parents we must provide education to children healthy drinks and not make cough that may be drunk like marimas, because this drink is There since my elementary school and my age is now 20 years, feel myself at school time often drink Marimas with various variants of taste but never cough after drinking, we now have become parents of course to share experiences to children become one of the best way to educate children , As well as experience marimas did not make cough, child pu N may consume it.


Indonesia is one of the largest Muslim population in the world, the majority of the people of Indonesia is Islam, it is very important that we consume halal drinks, because something that is not kosher would not be good for health, lucky Marimas is one of the refreshing drink products with Halal From MUI, meaning we need not hesitate anymore because it has passed the checking of halal products, ascertained Marimas One Halal Products proved by halal certificate and kosher logo.

Well the explanation above is enough to convince us that the product Marimas have advantages that not only we want but needed in addition to refreshing and make cool certainly have other advantages suitable drink every day for children is also safe and healthy the most important is halal, it’s time we choose Marimas products are in accordance with our likes. There are so many variants of taste offered Marimas nah for those who have never tried let us try first all types of marimas products:

Marimas Mango India New Flavors

As one of the mango-producing countries spread all over the world, Indian Mango is very famous for successfully penetrating international markets worldwide, no wonder if there are many people in the world and Indonesia like the freshness of Mango India, now you can enjoy the freshness of indigenous Indian mangoes in just one Packaging Marimas Rasa Mangga India and is the latest taste of Marimas, for those who have not try to go try marimas try mango royalty beverage.

Marimas Orange Juice

You will be able to enjoy the freshness of fresh orange juice of the original squeeze that can make cool in just one pack, if you like to eat oranges of course squeeze orange will make it moreover let alone drink hot again and also fit to drink every time.

Marimas Sweet Orange

Besides orange juice Marimas also have variants such as Sweet Orange even though we are both fond of oranges is definitely going to be different preferred orange options, for those who like sweet oranges can enjoy the freshness of sweet orange in just one pack of marimas can be tried directly.

Marimas Orange Fresh

There are many variants of Marimas flavor oranges one of them is fresh orange, every flavor will have unique like original fruit, if likes with fresh orange game try marimas this one is suitable for who likes with fresh citrus flavor, Marimas continue to give choice of refreshing powder Drink like Fresh orange flavor.

Marimas Sugar Acid.

If the ancient times we have to find first acid and then boiled and mixed with sugar can just enjoy a glass of sour sugar, but now do not bother anymore because just buy Marimas Sugar Sugar Taste then immediately sedu and love ice cubes already very refreshing powder Marimas this one also became one of the flavors to choose from.

Marimas Soursop.

Soursop fruit is the fruit of history, why is called the fruit of history because some people of Indonesia call it as a jackfruit, Dutch colonial times first, especially the londo often enjoy soursop juice during the day, now it’s different we no longer difficult to prepare a blender to enjoy fresh sours, because Just by brewing a soursop Marimas Sourset bag we can already feel the freshness.

Marimas Strawberry

For those of you who like the taste of strawberry calm do not kwatir because in packing marimas also contain Strawberry flavor, for those who like to go game try, it’s because using the original strawberry fruit that can refresh, must try Marimas Rasa Strawberry kalo likes this one fruit.

Marimas Melon

Melon flavor is the flavor that I like most, I’ve always drank mixed with ice for seduhan also very easy to live with water will be delicious when drunk at the right time, if you have never tried to try to taste melon refreshing and cool.

Marimas Cocopandan

Purity and freshness of young coconut is in one pack of marimas, if usually we have to search first a new dogan can drink and spend money 7-10 rb can enjoy freshness Cocopandan and even then be mixed with other new can be enjoyed, but if want to try marimas enough Spend a few thousand aja already enjoy the freshness cocopandan original.

Marimas Framboze

Maybe some of us have never tried to taste Framboze, that’s the uniqueness we can get because just by choosing this flavor we can enjoy the freshness of the fruit that we rarely eat, let alone have processed and taste very good, one of the marimas taste is quite a step Can be tried if it has never felt the freshness of Framboze.

Marimas Mango

Mango fruit is very refreshing let alone new metik, enjoyed the daytime is very refreshing, the purity of mangoes that make cool in one pack Marimas mango flavor one of the most sought after for us who like the sweet mango fruit.

Marimas Guava

Benefits of guava we may already many who know can digestion, and has a higher content of vitamin C than oranges, you can get these benefits if you enjoy a sachet of guava marimas, not only refreshing is also healthy and safe to eat every day, which Like the taste of cashew flavor marimas this one recommended.

Marimas Wine

Many say the grapes are one of the expensive fruits, to be able to enjoy the taste of the grapes we have to bribe the pocket in, but different from the wine taste marimas products we can still get the benefits but with a very cheap price one of the most sought after taste emang steady Marimas taste of wine.

Marimas Kelapa Muda

The freshness of young coconut is in a small packet of young coconut flower marimas is definitely the same as the original fruit, this flavor is also suitable combined with various other types of drinks, especially if drinking fit again kepengen can cure the desire to enjoy a cup of young coconut with just one pack of marimas.

Marimas Orange Pontianak

One of the local oranges that have the best quality is the pontianak orange, well to be able to taste the freshness of this orange sometimes we have to search hard, but do not get too confused because the original pontianak orange flavor will be felt if we buy marimas with orange flavor because it is available, Hunt try for orange flavor lovers.

Marimas Mangga Arumanis

The pleasure of the famous aruman mango can also be tasted in one glass of marimas, it will surely be able to provide freshness and cool like drinking the original juice of mango arumanis but with a fairly cheap price, already try if you have not hunted to buy at the nearest store.

Marimas Lime

Refreshing lime juice will be enjoyed if we buy lemon marimas we do not need kwatir sour taste generated from lime that can refresh because lemon marimas have been processed in such a way to get the best taste that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

Marimas Cincau

Ring is indeed synonymous with fasting but tahuka you that the cincau able to treat the heat in and can refresh, one of the marimas products also have a sense of grass so it can get two advantages as well as refreshing and healthy, buy marimas cincau sedu directly and enjoy the freshness feel delicious.

Marimas Mangga Bangkok

If you see now marimas has changed a lot and the variants also taste very much unlike the first still a little one of them is mango mango flavor mango one of the imported mango seed that can be enjoyed of course can easily we get if we enjoy marimas variant of mango flavor bangkok.

There are about 18 marimas that we can enjoy just by buying a pack of marimas size 8 grams we can enjoy the freshness of the original fruit combined with the benefits and also of course safe to eat every day, for children also do not need to kwatir because marimas will not make We cough after drinking because the composition of the ingredients used naturally is not added with artificial sweeteners or other harmful substances.

Hopefully review Marimas already given can provide a reference for us to choose wisely drinks not only refreshing but can meet the needs, so we will get much benefit by consuming this drink immediately, we recommend this product because “Marimas Bikin Adem, Not Make Stone “.

Thank you for your review on other marimas products.

As we know Indonesia is one of the countries located on the equator which means Indonesia has only two seasons, namely the rainy season and drought. Well now we have entered the early dry season ya guys . Which is usually during the dry season the temperature of the air is hot – hot.

For me hot is not an obstacle for the cave to go through activities. One of my ways to relieve the heat is usually I drink marimas.

What is the Marimas?

Marimas it is a Drink with various flavors in the form of powder with quality fruits and which is definitely original from Indonesia.

This product is produced by PT Marimas Putra Kencana.

The production of Marimas Powdered Drinks has implemented Quality Management System ISO 22000. All products of this company have also been certified Halal from Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) and have been registered in Food And Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) so

Marimas is safe to drink every day .

Why do I choose marimas?

1. Easy to carry anywhere

I’m also a busy person. In one day I can have affairs in different places which means I have to pass through the heat of the sun because of that I need a drink that can release my thirst and also make a seer. That’s why I need a beverage product that I can take with me where I choose marimas as a friend of my gear when I am on the move because it is in powder form in sachet so I can take him everywhere to accompany my solid activities. Stay brewed with water continues to be deh directly drink and make cool. To be sure “Marimas make cool, do not make cough”

2. Not Coughing

Due to have a solid activity, I also required to be able to choose all the food and beverages I cave consumption.

Should not be careless, let alone even make me sick. So I have to consume a healthy – healthy aja. Well marimas is very suitable because it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Moreover, marimas do not make a cough . So it’s perfect for someone like me.

3. Many Flavor Variants

Many people say the cave is boredan. Well I was aware of it. Almost in all things cave easy bored. Except the same doi ya hehehehe. Well if this marimas also ga for boring cave. Why ? Available with a variety of flavors including Orange, Jeniper, Soursop, Melon, Cocopandan, Mango, Guava, Young Coconut, and others.

4. Easy to Find

Undoubtedly marimas is easy for me when I find a cave anywhere. So if the cave again run out of stock cave can buy directly at the nearest place that I can reach quickly.

Oh yes other than that marimas there is also online shop loh so no need to bother – can bother to directly open the website continue to buy deh. You can visit the website here . And for how to purchase it can be seen there . Very easy is not it?

5. Make Adem bro!

For this one I have no comment deh. Lu cobain own aja kalo still ga believe. Moreover, fitting lunch – lunch is added with ice cubes or with cold water. Behhhhh .. it’s pretty deh.


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