Wouw! This beer is packed in Tupai Dried


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Jakarta- Not in a box or tin.The beer is packaged in dried or taxidermy squirrel.
Scottish brewers, BrewDog thank the fans who have helped to raise £ 19 million, or about 300 billion rupiah.They sent the strongest beer bottles in taxidermy.
Taxidermy is the result of animal preservation, typically vertebrates skinned.In the manufacture of taxidermy, animal internal organs removed and filled with other objects to look like the original form back.
For ten people in America who has invested more than $ 20 000 or more than 270 million in the company is set to receive orders a bottle of The End of History.Composed of 55% ABV ale Blonder Belgian with Scottish nettles and juniper berries beer was very strong was first created in 2010, which at that time made only 12 bottles.
Photo: BrewDogFunds collected from the fans will be used to build a brewery in Columbus, Ohio.Here the prohibition of making beer with 12% alcohol has been revoked.BrewDog inviting fans to claim a share of the company in early 2016 when it launched the product Punks IV Equity fo her.
As an incentive to help raise tens of millions of pounds to their favorite beer company, BrewDog promised rewards customers with epic
In its official website, BrewDog says’ ‘These results, The End Of History, without a doubt, has become one of the most frequently discussed than we’ve ever done, probably because of taxidermy as strong as the beer.’
Photo: BrewDogAnd for those who contribute less than $ 20,000, will receive a 20% discount at the store BrewDog in America and 5% in other countries.James Watt, BrewDog co-founder, said he was very grateful to the investors so as to give something exclusive, not easily available.
“I love beautiful things including taxidermy, so packaging beer in our most evocative The unusual way. The beer is art. Art is also art.” Said Watt quoted independent.co.uk (11/24/16)