Cool! 10 Artworks Graffiti and Street Art It Really Amazing


SMKN 1 SLAHUNGGood graffiti on the walls the streets and certain public places is not difficult to be found. Either images or writings that each has its own meaning. In general, street artists and street art graffiti makers want to convey hidden messages in their works.
Graffiti itself has the same history of development of human civilization. Graffiti (sgraffiti) means drawing on a flat surface. While sgraffio (derived from the Italian) means scratches. Meanwhile in the Greek graphein means writing. Then in 1960 in New York comes the ‘tagging’.
Tagging means to write one’s name on the wall. In contrast to the graffiti, street art is art that is shown visually in the public space as compared to the gallery. The term street art first appeared in the 1980s and had been developed.
Most works of graffiti and street art in public spaces awesome and astonishing. In fact, their ideas are very creative and unthinkable to most people before. As to whether artwork graffiti and street art such awesome? Hear more.
10 Tropic Effect
Tropic Effect is a half-body human statues made of wood and roots in Yogyakarta. The statue is located right at the zero point of Jalan Malioboro. The statue is composed of protruding roots is very beautiful and artistic. Even the roots are arranged very neatly and is similar to the original man.
Making Effect Tropic has special meaning. Tropic Effect suggests that humans are aware of the importance of protecting the environment. Visualize roots stuck to the bottom illustrate the nature of human greed.
Tropic Effect was designed by Anna Suzanne together Basuki Prahoro, Felix S Wanto, Ghouse Modhin, I Wayan Cahya, Maizul Herry Agung Sukindra, Nawa Yanuardi, and Michael Maxon. These artists are members of the Equator Art Team, a community art.
9 Fallen Soldiers
What if you are stuck in a large field with the soldiers who were lying? But wait! The soldiers in the picture above is not the truth. But the work of street art of Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss. Dinatu 60 volunteers and 500 local residents, they together create a silhouette of soldiers with the number of soldiers in 9000 on sandy land.
This activity is performed to commemorate International Peace Day. Although a few hours later the silhouette of the windswept, but artists, volunteers, and local communities are very impressed and menjad unforgettable moments.
8 Aakash Nihalani and New Hope
The work above is a simple but meaningful work and character. Describing a flock of white birds that enter through the window and out through the other window. Viewers who saw it as if to guess the meaning behind the work themselves according to their respective versions. This work is the result of collaboration between the New York artist Aakash Nihalani and New Hope when the convening of the SCOPE Art Fair.
7 M City
Street performers in Istanbul Turkey recently produced a unique masterpiece with a black and white image. The work tells the number of police cars one by one sucked in by a giant UFO. The work above is preferred by any person who saw it as a unique idea and another than others.
6 Narcissus
The art work using the principle of reflections on the work of a young artist Spanish, Borondo. The work entitled ‘Narcissus’. As it is known that in the mythology of ancient times, man named Narcissus very pleased to love and admire herself. Obsession Narcissus yourself and then make it to drown herself because she saw the reflection of his reflection in the water.
5 Maya Hayuk
Line shape and geometry if dikreasikan turned out to be a wonderful work. Similarly, the work of artists on this one, Maya Hayuk. The colors used are very striking and pleasing to the eye. Hayuk Maya is one of the artists playing smart in color, particularly in the field of geometry.
4 Case Ma’Claim and Pixel Pancho
Artwork above come from the cooperation of two artists, namely Case Ma’Claim and Pixel Pancho. Making this work is deliberately and facilitated. Although doing a work together, but they can still show the strength, talent, and character of each.
3 Pixel Pour 2.0
The work on communicating a giant faucet is removing water. But unique, the water that comes out is a beautiful blue beams are arranged in a way that it looks pretty. The amazing work created by Kelly Goeller.
Kelly Goeller formerly worked d an animation studio called KNeeon that produce original content in music, commercials, video clips and movies. This work can be found on Mercer Street in New York. This remarkable work is called Pixel Pour 2.0.
2 Miina Akkijyrkka’s Cows
If you like the Transformers movie, maybe this time you’ll actually meet in the real world.A sculptor Miina Akkijyrkka has managed to conjure up a used vehicle into several pieces calf giant figures were amazing.
1 3D Pavement Chalk
You would be amazed and surprised if one day find street art three-dimensional images like the one above. The work is more commonly known as Pavement Chalk. With wide sidewalks and a certain angle will be drawn and given color. Selan, the artist also should not forget to play the illusion in the eye.
In the picture above, as if someone is being trapped and rescued by Batman from a certain height. In fact, the picture is inscribed above the pavement surface properties flat course. The work above is the work of a remarkable artist Julian Beever.