Well, Jas ‘Made In USA’ Typical Donald Trump Turns Made in Indonesia


SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Donald Trump became a figure which is quite popular in the world.Moreover, the presidential candidate of the United States is often issued a controversial statement.Not only that, these entrepreneurs are also known to have a distinctive style, with suits and shirts.
Formal style of Donald Trump is apparently much in demand to be made replicas.In fact, these clothes can be easily obtained in selling sitesAmazon.Trump even had time to give a special license although now her contract was not renewed.
Interestingly, a replica of the suit was allegedly made in Indonesia.An article inBuzzfeedsaid, deliberately bought two suits reporters after confused by the statement written by the online shopping site.The garments were sold at a price of USD 158-279 or around Rp 2 to 3.7 million.
In the catalog, the suit was apparently written”imported”but also included the mark”Made in USA”.Seeing the conflicting information that they decided to solve the mystery.
Journalist Daniel Wagner unravel when opened, there are two labels in the suit.Behind the metal label brand Donald Trump, plastered the words “Made in Indonesia”.
Meanwhile, Donald Trump is known often talked about nationalism and promising to factories producing US brands abroad.However, reports say if the employer is actually making stuff overseas.Trump reportedly even had a shirt factory in Horduras and employ workers with salaries that are not appropriate.