4 Characteristics of meiotic cell division


What any of you know, what is the purpose Meiosis and function?Well, Meiosis is a cell division that produces four daughter cells with the parent cell chromosome number.Stem Cells from 1 diploid (2n) The daughter cells produced 4 each haploid (n).
Meiosis serves to maintain the number of chromosomes of living beings and build the genetic variability of a species.Well, you already know right now what Meiosis and function!Now I will explain more deeply about Meiosis.
Cell division that produces four daughter cells with the number of chromosomes (structures in the cell nucleus composed of DNA and protein bound to the histones and others) is the understanding of meiosis.From the first stem cells (stem cells are cells that are not yet specialized.
Stem cells have two properties namely self-renewal and diferensi) can produce four daughter cells, each haploid (n).Reduction division serves to maintain the number of structures in the cell nucleus (chromosomes) that exist in living organisms and build genetic variability (a measure of the tendency of individuals in a population to have different genotypes) in a species.
characteristics of meiotic cell division, namely:
• Occurs in sex cells
• The number of his cell 4
• Cleavage occurred 2 times
Well, the above statement is the understanding of meiosis and its functions, hopefully with the definition above can help you in Finding penjelasan.Sehingga can facilitate you in pembelajaran.Sekian I can write, hopefully what I write can be bermanfaat.Jika there is nothing to understand you can come back to this blog to ask at a later time.