4 Signs You Are Saturated Blogging, Are you experienced?


SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Blogging or running a blogging activity is becoming a trend favored by many Indonesian people.With a variety of motives and objectives, the bloggers (call for the perpetrators of blogging) run this blog management activities diligently.Even so serious, the blogger is not uncommon to forget time and other important agendas.
But bloggers also a human being, of course, at a certain moment will experience saturated conditions, whatever they are pleased at this blogging activity.Boredom can be caused by a range long enough to be in front of the screen, or because it was too long doing the same activities.
Knowing the importance of sign Saturated Ngeblog
Well, when a blogger is already saturated with blogging activity, then they should stop for a while to rest or conduct refresher (refreshing).Unfortunately, not all bloggers realized he was bored and eventually continue to force myself to blog.
When blogger forced myself to continue blogging in a saturated condition, then this will have an impact on the quality of writing is declining.And if the quality of writing down then very likely decrease the number of visitors or visitors blog gradually.For this reason it is highly recommended to the blogger actually already experiencing burnout when blogging in order to rest for a moment or refreshing.This is done so that the mind and body back fresh and vigorous again.
But any sign that the blogger in a state of saturation?The following signs.
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1. Experiencing Impasse Idea
The first sign that the blogger in saturated conditions are deadlocked idea.After a few days to write an article for a blog can be a sudden blogger deadlock ideas for writing articles.Well, when you experience this, then maybe you are actually in a state of saturation.It does not mean the idea impasse caused entirely by the saturation factor alone.Because searching for ideas for blog posts itself is not an easy task.
Often though we’ve been refreshing break and we also have not been able to find ideas for blog posts.However, in the case of writer’s block does not mean necessarily signs of saturation of this blog can be ignored.Because when bloggers are saturated, then they generally will be very difficult to get the idea of ​​writing for his blog article.
2. Very Frequent Writing Typo
Next, a sign that the real bloggers are in a state of saturation blogging is often he misspelled (typo).Indeed, when writing articles we sometimes can not escape from the name typo.Write using the keyboard can indeed be just and reasonable if there is a typo, but what if then writing errors often occur in one article?Of course it is not fair anymore.Yes, if there are many typing errors, then usually this happens for a reason that one of them is because of boredom.
Yes, when the mind is saturated with blogging activities generally decreased concentration blogger writing and also be less attention to words typed her.As a result, writing in the form of words and sentences seen many errors.For example, when you want to type the word “Success” instead of typing “suskes” many times.
3. Difficulties In Stringing Words
You find it difficult to string word by word into a sentence?Vigilant, it could be you’re exposed to saturation in blogging.Thoughts are saturated in any activity including blogging can lead us the trouble of doing an activity, including stringing words.
However, how much time stringing words could be said that the blogger is being saturated?Of course it is returned to the respective blogger.Bottom line if you are writing an article is much longer than the usual then it can already be used as a sign that you’re in a state of saturation blogging.Immediately stop writing, refresh the mind by way of refreshing to do something else that you like.
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4. Can Concentration In Writing
Lastly, a sign that a blogger actually already in a state of saturation blogging is difficult to focus or when he can not concentrate on writing.When you experience this then you should not force yourself to continue to create content because the result will not be good.
Try to understand yourself and do an analysis of the quality of content when you’re writing articles.The better your concentration skills with the support environment without interference, then the better the condition of your mind so that they can produce quality content.Conversely, the more distractions that come to you when writing content for your blog, then it can make you more immersed in a state of saturation and stress.
So how, if you currently need refreshing?

Peep bright Mutual Funds Investment Opportunities in 2016


SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Mutual funds are a means to collect funds from public investors to be invested in portfolio securities by investment managers are now starting to bloom run.But nonetheless there are also some people who feel free to run this investment.And if you understand this in 2016 #investasimutual fund is believed to have some virtues and advantages.Why?Here’s his review.
1. You Will Collect Earning Assets
The virtues and advantages of the first to invest #reksa fundsin 2016 is an opportunity to accumulate productive assets.Productive assets itself is an asset that can provide income for us in the future.
By investing through mutual funds then you will be able to collect assets which means making your future brighter.By investing your mutual funds will also be able to change consumer attitudes are possible during this time there.It can start early in the year as a form of good new year’s resolution.
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2. Terms Become Investor Simplified
To become an investor mutual fund in 2016, you will find various facilities in the submission.This was deliberately done the FSA (Financial Services Authority) together with industry players #keuanganto make the capital market in Indonesia continues to grow.If you currently intend to become an investor then the only requirement Savings in bank ID card and say you could have done, TIN requirements are now no longer required.
For those of you who do not have ID, you can also use a joint account with a parent OR.Minimum investment is now also continually reduced.As the program “Micro mutual fund” staged by the FSA which previously amounted to millions, the current can be started from Rp 100,000.
3. Mutual Fund Sales Agent The More
For those of you who live in the suburbs and into a mutual fund investor, you now do not need to worry.Because right now for many of the mutual fund dealer that expand the scope of its marketing up to the regions.Especially now that the registration can also be done online.
So here you are in pelosokpun will be able to buy into a mutual fund and investors.Besides the addition of branches and services online system, there are also educational activities and socialization in order to understand the potential returns and risks of mutual funds.
4. Mutual Fund Investment Options The Varies
At the end of last year the FSA has issued regulations that gave birth to the kind of Islamic mutual fund is a mutual fund’s new Foreign Exchange Sharia.In contrast to conventional mutual funds which only has 15 percent of overseas investment, a new type of mutual fund is allowed to invest up to 100 per cent in foreign securities.
Thus, for investors interested in investing in instruments abroad, no longer need to bother because it can be done through mutual fund products available in the country.
5. The potential decrease in the BI Rate
The current rate of inflation is weakening.From here it is widely believed that the BI Rate will decline.With the decline in the BI Rate is the result of capital market investment will be positive.With the decline in bank lending rates, the debt load the company will decrease and profit increases.
Besides bright investment opportunities in the capital market is also supported by a decline in deposit rates will make people shift their funds to investment products, especially bonds.
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6. Accelerated Economic Growth
Lastly, the virtues and advantages of being a mutual fund investors in 2016 was the acceleration of economic growth.After passing a 2015 filled with the slowdown in 2016 will be trusted as the year with steady economic growth.This is because the political uproar that has been able to overcome and also planning and absorption of government budget that is already much better.
From these circumstances, the company’s performance will be better and will make the stock price increases.The effect of this positive situation will be able to make the performance of mutual funds is also getting better.

Make Money From The Internet is not merely With Google Adsense and Affiliate Program


SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – As a blogger, or vlogger, when the question “how do I make money on the Internet?”, What came into our minds?Most of us will answer with an Affiliate program or PPC Google Adsense.Is it right?
Indeed, most bloggers and Vlogger make money from Google Adsense and affiliate programs.Google Adsense is an advertising program based content offered by corporate giants, #Google.Publishers earn money from ad clicks and also the number of ad impressions on their website.The amount of income at the publisher influenced by several things, such as;the magnitude of CPC (cost per click) ads, the number of ad impressions, niche websites are also influential you know.
While the affiliate program is an advertising program where the publisher will be paid only if a sale of their affiliate links.Affiliate programs are usually offered by companies, who want to sell their products or other people’s products masive.Some of the local companies that offer affiliate programs including;Lazada, Bhineka, Blibli, and Justify.
Most websites / blogs definitely have a Google Adsense ads.Look at websites and big blogs that exist in Indonesia, the average Google Adsense advertisements.So also with content on Youtube, almost all Vlogger monetize their videos with Google Adsense.Regardless of the amount of income of the bloggers / vloggers from Google Adsense, this PPC program is to be excellent.
But, if only Google Adsense and affiliate just hopes to make money from the internet?Certainly not!
Actually there is a lot we can do if you want to make money via the internet because there are actually different types of online businesses that we can do.We do not need to do a lot of business models online, simply select one or two business models only, and the focus was there.
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Based on personal experience and information I gathered from various sources, in addition to Google Adsense here are 3 online business model that many people do to earn money on the internet.
1. Trading Forex Online
For friends who do not know what is forex, Forex International is the foreign exchange market where currencies are traded certain countries.The process of currency trading is done every day for 24 hours, except Saturday and Sunday.To find information about Forex can read articles about forex.
Potential to make money from the Forex market is very potential because we can trade online anytime and from anywhere.We can trade using smartphones and laptops pre-installed software for trading (free), for example software Metatrader 4, making it easier for us to make the process of trading.
But to make money on Forex course, we must have sufficient knowledge in the business of buying and selling currency.Indeed there are many people who succeed and generate a continuous profit from Forex trading, but were unsuccessful and the loss of so much more.
Just like any other business, Forex trading risk, even the loss of his risk would be very high if you do not know the basics of trading the right.Therefore, before trading you have to learn first and learn about Forex trading using a demo account.
How much income can be obtained from trading Forex?It is influenced by many factors, but if you already know how to play the Forex then proft 20% to 30% of capital is possible.So, stay Count it, when your capital then the profit Rp 100 million to Rp 20 million to Rp 30 million per month is very likely obtained … with a note, you already know how to trade currencies and has good money management.
As a place to learn, I suggest you look it up on Google first.Indeed, there are plenty of paid training that teaches about Forex, but I would advise to learn from your website / blog Forex players first.Basic science and early information about Forex can be read through these sites.One website that can be a place of learning you are Siembah.com/belajar-forex.
2. Sell Physical Products / Non-Physical Online
This business is suitable for friends who already have their own product, or which initially already have a business.But in fact this business can also be run by those who do not have their own product to be marketed.For those who do not have their own product, we can sell the products in physical form as well as digital products (eg eBooks) belonging to someone else with the commission system.
For those who already have their own product to market their products independently or can also take advantage of marketplace sites like Tokopedia and bukalapak as a marketing medium.You can also cooperate with other online merchants, for example by offering a reseller or system dropship.With more massive marketing course your product sales will increase rapidly.In terms of dropshipper or reseller, they will have the opportunity to do business directly online without having to bother thinking about procurement / production of goods to be sold.The good cooperation between suppliers and resellers / dropshiper course will mutually benefit each other.
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3. Selling Services Online
Do you have special skills and want to make money from such expertise?You can take advantage of that expertise by selling services online.Suppose you have expertise in designing a logo, the logo design expertise could be a capital to earn money from the internet.How to?Of course, by offering services to create a logo on people who need the service.
There are many people who are looking for freelance via the internet.Some services are much sought after on the internet, among others;
*.Logo design services
*.Services to create a website / blog
*.Services to create content (articles and videos)
*.Photo editing services (eg vector)
*.Services create mobile applications
If you have trouble marketing your services, freelance marketplace websites likeSribulancer, Projects.co.id, Freelancer.co.idwould be helpful to get potential customers.This freelance marketplace on the site there are many service providers who offer their expertise.And not a few of them eventually got fixed customer who always use the services and expertise, of course, with a fee satisfactory.
From the brief description above we understand that making money on the internet it can actually be done by anyone.We do not have to have a website / blog, do not have to register as a Google Adsense publisher, and does not have to be an affiliate marketer.What we need is a strong will to learn and practice, and never give up.
You have an opinion or experience about the model #bisnis onlinethe other?Please share via the comments field yes :).

How to Find a Qualified Backlink Easily and Quickly


SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – How to Find a Qualified Backlink- Backlink Quality Role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important, Mechanical Link building or link building is one Offpage SEO techniques that should not be left behind.

Quality backlinks will make your site easily be in the top search engines, then how do I find quality backlinks easy and safe way?

Before Discusses How to Find a Qualified Backlink,I will first explain about the notion of quality backlinks itself.

What Is a Qualified Backlink?
Quality backlinks is a connecting link between quality sites with the target site.This link can be actively continue the process of the search engines crawl (DoFollow), which is directed towards the target site.

Besides that way, Backlink Quality can also be obtained by using nofollow, which occurred Relationships between sites but the crawl or crawling is not forwarded.So nofollow link is also a backlink.

Search engines like google strongly recommend that many dofollow or nofollow links leading to a site must be balanced, do not just look for a DoFollow backlink, but try to have two types of backlinks pointing to your site.

I think it’s a brief explanation of what quality backlinks is enough, here I will give a few tips on how to find quality backlinks is easy and simple, of course, this trick has my own practice, and as a result many of the articles I thank God that survive in pageone google

How to Find a Qualified Backlink?

Here I will explain how to find backlinks by engineering footprint, a tool that I use is dropmylink.Please go to the site then please login or register first to get a username and password to login.

After logging in, you will be faced with dropmylink view as seen in the picture above.

Information :
*.(1) Range of time that can be used, for example you want to plant backlinks on the website that the article created in the past year then you should choose Past year etc.

*.(2) The number of websites that can be planted backlink

*.(3) Domain website backlinks that can be planted, there are 3 options, .edu, .gov and Any TLD, I recommend selecting .edu and .gov

*.(4) Put the keyword, so for example, your blog talks about health, then just typing in health, health, food, medicine, etc. in the box, so websites that appear relevant to your article.

*.(5) Category, in its unbiased method of obtaining backlinks we want, either through Comment, Forum, etc., that I personally often use Backlink Comment

*.(6) It is kind of footprint that is in use, can be adjusted alone and simply experiment with the available footprint.

Not easy enough, after planting backlinks on the website are available, then do pinging on the website so that we planted backlinks indexed by search engines.

And most importantly do not build links to excess, somequality backlinksalone is enough to boost our website in SERP position if we had done Onpage SEO.

Update!!! How to Delete Virus Ads In Google Chrome Browser


SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Recently, my laptop exposed to viral ads or malware that is very annoying, ads suddenly appear in google chrome is currently in use for browsing, not just banner ads that appear but also pop under ads that when we do click anywhere on the browser will redirect or switch to another site that is not clear.
I suspect the virus I get when installing an application that I previously downloaded from an external site, I am also somewhat confused overcome them, because I do not I plug the laptop antivirus.
I have tried many different ways, all extensions in Google Chrome is not clear I have to remove and destroy, but viruses such ads did not go away as well.
Probably from friends readers of this blog there are experiencing the same thing as I experienced, but I finally managed to defeat a virus or malware existing ads on my laptop.on this occasion, I will explain how to remove ads on google chrome virus proven, because I’ve proved myself.
How to Delete Virus Ads In Google Chrome
Immediately, here’s how to remove a virus or malware ads on google chrome, follow the steps below,
1. Install Anti-Malware Malwarebyte
Malwarebyte malware eraser software is a very powerful, its ability to remove malware is not in doubt, please download Malwarebyte Anti-Malware Link below
Download Malwarebyte : https://www.malwarebytes.org/mwb-download
2. Install AdwCleaner
Malwarebyte addition, you must also install AdwCleaner precaution if Malwarebyte not working optimally.Please Download AdwCleaner at the following link
Download AdwCleaner : https://toolslib.net/downloads/finish/1/
3. Install Microsoft Security Essentials
After downloading Malwarebyte, then please download antivirus microsoft microsoft security is essential, this antivirus is also not in doubt toughness, because its database is constantly updated.Install Microsoft Security Essentials as usual
Download MSI : http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security-essentials-download
4. Go Safe Mode Windows
After downloading and installing the software, the next step is to restart your computer and simply enter safe mode Windows, the way that after the restart please press f8.if it fails to enter safe mode, please restart again and press f8.
After that run Malwarebite and Microsoft security essential that is already installed earlier, after the restart your computer and log into Windows as usual
5. Uninstall Google Chrome
The last step is Uninstal your Chrome browser, then reinstall it so that the remnants of destroyed all existing malware.
God willing, after following the above, your laptop will be free of Malware or Virus ad in your browser, especially chrome.SoHow to Delete Virus in Google Chrome BrowserI can say, thanks

5 Facts About Google Surprising Covert


SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – 5 Facts About Google Surprising Covert – Who is not familiar with Google, US multinational that berkekhususan on services and Internet products.Those products include search technology, web computing, software, and online advertising.
But did you know some unique facts about Google follows, the following facts may aka impress you even wonder, then what are the fata, see review below Tricks.
1. Google Employing goats
True, you’re not misreading.Google employs 2000 goats to make sure the pages are clean of grass that is quite disturbing, Google prefers natural way than to use a mower that cause pollution.
2. Google employs a camel
You certainly know about google street if in Indonesia and several other states to use the car to get a street view, but for a place like Arabic and other desert camel google using them as tools.
3. Finding the castle is lost after 20 years
A Dutch Archaeologists find the castle missing only with the help of google map, they have stopped looking after the castle was 20 years ago.That is one example of the many aid google map.
4. Google calculate the speed through the android
Google calculates whether in the street while it is occurring congestion or not to keep track of whether the android when it moves fast or slow in the streets.You may not think that google to see when it is a real-time accurate with the help of some android phones.
5. Google has more than 450 thousands of servers scattered around the world.
Google is one of the Internet companies that have the largest number of servers scattered around the world, there are currently more than 450 thousand google servers that exist in every country around the world.
Not surprisingly, it turns out there are a lot of unique and strange facts owned google that probably every day we used it.

Kaesang Pangarep Vlogger Red Plate the Medium Rising In the country


smkn 1 slahung
SMKN 1 SLAHUNG -Running activity becomes a vlogger in the middle of the competition is so dense to get the audience is not easy.Various channels have sprung up with the uniqueness and creativity is very interesting for the viewers.Well, lately, appears a vlogger on the rise and many get subscriber though arguably still new.
He is Kaesang Pangarep, although the video he uploaded on channel #youtubeher very little, but he was able to capture the attention of the audience to always follow his channel.Reasonably possible Kaesang subscriber can get a lot in a short time even with only a few video only.Generally, he is the number one in Indonesia, namely the President Joko Widodo.
However, despite the fact he was a son of the President, but if the content #videothat he uploaded is not interesting, certainly the audience too lazy to see it.
Delivering Something Simple
Actually, if we look at the video uploaded Kaesang Pangarep in his Youtube account is something very unusual and often we encounter in our daily lives.But packaging mbanyol of Kaesang makes the watch be entertained.Moreover, what is uploaded it is done by the son of a president, it is increasingly making many people happy.
What made Kaesang indicate that the son of a real President is also the same with the other children as well.When he was studying abroad for example, he also lived in boarding houses with diverse roommate who has an assortment of characters.
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What is shown Pangarep Kaesang is far from the impression that the President’s son to be such and such.Although there may still be certain standards that must be lived as a child of the President, but so far Kaesang able to show what their personality just like other young people.Kaesang also managed to show his warm relations with his father at a very harmonious warm ridicule.It seems that the simple things of the President’s family is what makes many people later like a video uploaded Kaesang.
Although simple, however Sarat Moral
Perhaps what is always uploaded by Kaesang Pangarep is something simple and often occurs around us.However, simple content is actually laden with moral content that can be used as a lesson by viewers.Most recently, its video upload Kaesang challenging her arm wrestle with Mr. President Joko Widodo.
Of course, this is really very unexpected, a President so relaxed and candid as any other dad while playing with his son.This video is quite phenomenal, videos uploaded on July 2 until today get more than one million viewers, fantastic.
In the video, Kaesang challenged his father to compete arm wrestling which as we know that Mr. Joko Widodo thin-boned, small and skinny.Average Kaesang has a stocky body and arms are muscular and appears to be more robust.Surely we can already guess who will win, Kaesang course.
Kaesang jokingly quipped father that can not be beat, although he collided arm wrestling while playing #Instagram.However, it turns out the video does not stop with who wins and who loses it.At the end of the video, the father gives advice and moral message to her son.
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“The big body like this is not necessarily strong.The big one that is strong patience, great is strong piety. “So said Kaesang father is none other than Mr. Joko Widodo.
From there, though the content presented by Kaesang Pangarep very simple, even immediately apparent that Mr. Joko Widodo less able to act in front of the camera, but the content was successfully made the audience smile.And more than that, a moral message delivered by Mr. Joko Widodo also very deep and can be used as a principle for anyone who was watching the video.So when people initially been attracted to something, then it would be easier to enter a positive advice on her