3 Tips for Choosing the Right Investment Manager Mutual Fund To Invest


SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Invest in mutual funds, in addition to selecting the type of mutual fund that is good, you are also required to be able to choose the manager #investasiright so that your investment running smoothly.The investment manager’s own is the person who will manage your mutual fund investments in order to be successful and profitable.Like a food menu in the restaurant, the investment manager is a chef and the food menu itself is a mutual fund that is selected.Of the parable is obvious that the role of fund managers are very important for the development of your investment.
Currently itself already 83 investment managers in Indonesia under license from the Financial Services Authority, all of which are competing.Of this competition often occurs plow plowing a manager by the investment firm.Because the mutual fund investment is long term, then the phenomenon of migration is a little more investment managers will create a dilemma for investors before actually investing.
Well, for you who will invest in a mutual fund it is good to first understand tips on choosing the right investment manager.Here’s his review.
1. Ensure Legality of the Investment Company Mutual Fund
The first tip in selecting the right fund manager is to ensure that the investment company has been registered legal evidenced in the Financial Services Authority (FSA).How do I know that the investment manager has been registered with the FSA?
It’s easy, you can inquire directly via Hotline at [area code] 1500 655 or via #email [email protected]and access through the website http://www.ojk.go.id/apps.php?i=pird.Of these three ways you can get clear information about the list of investment managers who have received permission from the FSA.
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You can make sure again that the investment management company’s right of naming his company.Usually professional investment managers who have the naming words such as Asset Management, Investment Management, and Capital.For example: Panin Asset Management, Danareksa Investment Mangement, Corina Capital and others.However you must be alert, because today some bulging or fictitious companies also exist that use the name above to deceive investors.For this reason, checking the legality of the company to the FSA is very important to do before actually investing.
2. Ensure Competence Investment Manager
To obtain a good mutual fund you really should be able to choose an investment manager who is competent and professional.The way you can see from the experience or track record that is owned by the investment managers through a mutual fund prospectus.Within this prospectus will generally read a brief resume of the company and personnel managers ranging from work experience to the award he had ever received.
However, in the selection of investment managers, you should not be stuck only on the length of careers and companies where the investment manager.Due to the length of a person or company in his career does not guarantee investment managers are definitely give a better performance.Like the saying”old wine in new bottle”,it is not a bit too personnel who are experienced investment managers, out of the old company and formed his own company.
The same thing also applies to new investment managers’ careers.Although not yet have many experience than the old investment manager, but the stock market is very active in the turmoil of change, sometimes making things and new thinking is needed in order to adjust the development.In this case, ideally you are required to look for a manager who has a long experience and also mempuyai new thinking to produce a good performance for a mutual fund investment.
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3. Ensure Service Quality Investment Manager
Lastly, tips on choosing the right fund manager is to ensure the quality of investment management services.The trick is to experiment a customer.As long as a customer, you’ll get experience for interacting with the sales force.
Well this is the next experience can be used as the basis of assessment whether or not the quality of services provided.The fund management business is a service business that is based on the trust of consumers.So inevitably the company and the manager must provide the best service, if you do not want to be left investors.