7 Province It Do not Have to Cinema


business development opportunities cinemas in Indonesia is still wide open.Until now, not all provinces in Indonesia have a movie theater.”West Papua, East Nusa Tenggara, West Sulawesi, DI Aceh, North Maluku, North Borneo and Bangka Belitung,” said Director of Business Empowerment Investment Coordinating Board Pratito Soeharyo in the dialogue cinema sector investment prospects RI, Thursday, July 21, 2016.
Today, the Agency Creative Economy, BKPM and Film Producers’ Association of Indonesia held a quiet dialogue film to define a strategic step in the development of Indonesian cinema.”Indonesia is a huge market, we should be able to take advantage of it,” said Deputy Regional Inter-Agency Relations and Bekraf, Endah Sulistianti.
While the Indonesian Film Producers Association Chairman, Sheila Timothy found for the development of the film industry are qualified, Indonesia must have data cinema mutually agree and in-depth research.”So far we have never had a clear research on Indonesian films,” he said.
According to Sheila, accurate data will help the government determine the appropriate steps to take policy strengthen the field of film industry.”The opening of the Indonesian film industry market, will increase the number of films produced,” he explained.