Palestinian Gone from Google Maps, What word MCIT?


smkn 1 slahung
SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Jakarta- Google is ‘being shouted’ netizen through an online petition because eliminating a Palestinian state in Google Maps.
This issue also was raised at the event Google for Indonesia attended MCIT wrapped up in January at the Ritz Carlton, Jakarta, Tuesday (08/09/2016).
However, Chief RA – close calls Rudiantara – chose to be cautious when asked for comments by members of the media.
“It’s international political affairs, Ido nothave competence. I am not the minister in charge of international politics,” Minister of Communication briefly.
As is known, previously Google in the spotlight netizens for ‘not acknowledge’ the presence of Palestine as a state by eliminating the country on Google Maps.
It can be seen from a search in Google Maps, when in-search ‘Palestine’ then appears on the digital map only cities in the country’s thousands of cities in Ramallah.
Whereas on the information in Google Maps is mentioned that Palestine is a country in the Middle East that has been recognized by 136 UN member states since 2012.
But that does not mean pure MCIT will wash its hands of the issue.He promised to discuss this issue with the relevant authorities, namely the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
“In this context I would talk with Minister of Foreign Affairs,” said Rudiantara.