ENT: Most Vulnerable Children and Youth Experience Due to Noise Deafness


Jakarta- Exposure to loud noise can cause permanent hearing loss to deafness.Experts say children and teens most susceptible to this problem.
Dr. Damayanti Soetjipto SpTHT-KL (K), National Commission for Combating Hearing Loss and Deafness (Komnas PGPKT), said that in fact, hearing loss and deafness due to noise can happen to anyone regardless of age.However there are independent reasons why children and adolescents have the highest risk.
“Now the iPod generation. Everywhere always wear a headset or earphones to listen to music. Until we were nearby just sometimes hear the sound of the music, a sign that the volume of his voice so loud,” said Dr. Dama told reporters recently.
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Explained Dr. Dama, children at high risk of deafness due to noise after the observations made by the Commission PGPKT.Observations conducted in 16 major cities in the rides and children entertainment venues.
The results showed the average noise that occurs in the arena game and entertainment venues the children reach 97-100 decibels.Though safe decibel limit is below 80 decibels.
“In the arena game sound loud because there are various games shoot-temabakan, dance, race and others. It makes children threatened with deafness early play there more than 30 minutes,” he said again.
In addition to a playground for children, workshop training in vocational schools (SMK) also have a higher risk.PGPKT Commission data shows the noise generated can reach more than 100 decibels.
Unfortunately, the attention to this problem tends to be low.Observation Commission PGPKT in vocational indicates the level of use earmuff or silencers in the ear is still very low.
“This should be a concern for deafness can hamper productivity up threatening the future of young people in Indonesia,” he concluded.