The importance of education for children in Indonesia


Hello guys meet again in my article Nurul Devia Ramadan, this time the power would discuss the importance of education, education at this time in Indonesia compared to asia countries only education in Indonesia was ranked lowest.
Why did it happen when a lot of education that is not this time the economic factor is not a barrier anymore.
Lots of minimal free education until junior high school, then what factors make many Indonesian children who dropped out of school?I will review some factors that cause rupture of the school children in Indonesia, here we refer to.
first, feeling lazy on Indonesian people very much, so that children in Indonesia have been lazy to learn and go to school.
second, the lack of support from parents, friends and people closest.Support is very important for the progress of the children of Indonesia, for the support and motivation to help the spirit of children arise and their curiosity to learn.
third, association.It had been the main cause rupture of the school children in Indonesia.The Indonesian association of children know no borders, so many children are now netted drugs when they know that drugs are very bad for children’s development and progress.
Of the three factors above, we can conclude that the economic factor in Indonesia is not the main thing for education in fact if Indonesian children a lot of willpower and want to fight a lot of success and progress for himself even though the state.With the advancement of school education in Indonesia will be able to walk and be able to compete with other neighboring countries.
Thus, let us gather back the passion for education as long as possible because of the success and progress just for ourselves.
so than I, may be useful 🙂