The Importance of Understanding and Observing the Terms of Service (ToS)


When we are busy and had a lot of work, we often felt helped by the presence of software or digital services that are now easily found in #internet.Software and free services make us able to complete the job or task quickly and easily, yes.
Being too focused on the work you want to be resolved, usually we often install or use software and services in a hurry.This makes us always ignore the Terms of Service (ToS) that exist in the software or service.
What exactly is meant by the Terms of Service?Why do we have to understand the Terms of Service before using a software or digital service?
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Definition of Terms of Service
Term of Service can be defined as a set of rules that have been set by the company or the manufacturer of digital services or software to the users of the service or the software.So, to be able to use a software or digital services, we are required to understand and comply with the Terms of Serviceyang already set.
Where We Can Find Term of Service?
Internet users would have been familiar with the existence of the Terms of Service.When we want to create an account #emailnew, want to enroll on a digital service or website or when we want to install software, Term of Servicebiasanya always at the bottom of the page of the installation or activation of the account.Even in some of other products such as filing a credit card or a form of insurance users, we can also find the Term of Servicesebagai points of agreement between the two parties.
Before we provide a check list as a sign approved the Terms of Service, we can not do the users of software or digital service further.Well, for reasons of convenience and time saving, we usually often give a check list without understanding the content Term of Serviceyang filed.
How the Right Attitude Toward the Terms of Service?
So that in the future we are not disadvantaged by the contents of the Terms of Service that violates our rights as users or customers, some of these things we must do before agreeing to the Terms of Service and begin using the software or digital services:
1. Read the Terms of Services in advance
Culture lazy to read the rules seem to have to start aside from now.Begin to read and look at a number of Term of Serviceyang filed by the company software or digital service.Do not let the detriments such as data theft or money autodebet happen just because we neglect to read the Terms of Service.
2. Take the right decision
Once satisfied to read and look at any points contained in the Terms of Service, the next step is to take the right decision to use the service in question or not.If there are still points Term of Service that makes us doubt, we should postpone the use of the service or the software.Would be much better if we look for references or testimonials related to software or services we want to use.
3. Begin to comply with the rules
If it has been agreed with any points of agreement on the Terms of Service, we certainly need to use software or a digital service in accordance with the existing rules on the Term of Service.Do not let us lose the only access points for violating the ToS.
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Complying with regulations is not only about traffic problems or citizenship rules, yes.Due to the small things like the Term of Service in a number of software and digital services is a good start for us to learn to understand and comply with regulations.It would not hurt if we always abide by the rules and be a good internet users.Because good habits will accustom us to live disciplined and organized in the future.

Facebook Messenger Update Features Direct Payment Of Application


In recent years, it has come a lot of mobile applications with a variety of functions and services offered.With the emergence of many such applications, would pose a stiff competition among the developers of similar application.And to survive, the only way is by presenting the best service to users.
As in competition chat applications, Facebook Messenger into one of the big names who controls the majority of users around the world.Not surprising really, because these applications arise from the separation of social media services giant #Facebookwho already have a user base of billions around the world.
And to further increase user interest in operating the Messenger app, Facebook has recently undertaken an update feature that allows users to pay for purchases online Messenger that their messages without having to leave the application.With this feature would enhance a previous feature that only allows users Messenger ordered without being able to make payments.
Facilitate Users Running Shop Online
Facebook understands that many users who frequently access the chat application online shopping sites to meet various needs.From there, a chat application such as the Messenger is not only used for communication but also for confirmation of payment.
From the thought that, a few months ago, precisely in the month of April 2016, issued a feature Facebook Messenger chat application that bots or systems that can be used to make a booking and confirmation #belanja online.And now, Facebook eventually enhance the feature by adding the ability bots that can make payments directly.
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Diverse offer Alternative Payment
In an update to the version of Messenger 1.2 is, in general will find it is the ability of bots that can be used to make payments directly through the application platform.In this case, after the user makes a purchase using a bot, then the system will automatically use the payment method of the user information that has been entered in the database up before.From there, bots can immediately run automatically process payments.
Regarding the payment alternatives that can be used by users is also considered quite diverse.Not only for those who have credit cards, users who use other payment media such as Stripe, PayPal, Braintree and American Express are also able to access the new features.
In a statement released on the official Facebook blog says that this feature is expected to allow users who want to make payments without having to leave the application.With a few clicks, the system will direct the order made by the user, as well as make payments.
Results Cooperation With Thousands Developer
Presented by one of the leaders of the project application Messenger, David Marcus, that there is now no less than 34,000 developers who are members of the Messenger platform.The developers helped to create 30,000 bots within a period of 6 months who have a variety of functions, primarily payment and online transactions.
David added, at the beginning of the development in April, the number of new developers are joining about 10,000.The figure increased by 11,000 in May and continues to grow today.From there the Messenger application developers are able to bring a variety of convenience to users.
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Until now, the system of bots that run within Facebook service has been able to serve hundreds of thousands types of user needs.In addition, the system is also capable robots accessible not only through text but also to see the site so much easier.
These changes gave the meaning that is large enough for the Messenger platform as #aplikasichatting multifunctional.If once many people who feel that separation with Messenger Facebook application is a big mistake, but now with the help of bots that provides more benefits to users, finally answered that the chat application this one also has great potential as large as the parent application.

This is the Reason Why Mutual Fund Investing More Profitable Than Gold


SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Currently the opportunities to invest are increasingly open to anyone who wants to invest their funds.Instead of letting the free funds and does not develop at all, it would be better for us to mengalihfungsikan funds for investment purposes.From this selection of #investasialso increasingly varied according to the needs of society.
From some type of investment we recognize the investment funds and also investment gold as an example.And in this article, we will compare the two types of such investments.And in fact there are several reasons why the investment fund has advantages compared to gold investment.Here’s his review.
1. Return Mutual Fund Investing Larger
If the comparison between the investment fund and gold, however, the number of return obtained greater mutual funds.The figure is taken from the record profit ratio over last 5 years conducted by economic business site Bloomberg.From a comparison between bond funds and unit price of gold in dollar exchange rate, it gains a greater bond mutual funds a few percent.
Selection of bond mutual fund comparison carried out because basically has a similar level of risk with gold.This is certainly different when compared with mutual funds, because of the risk is certainly much higher.Other data also suggest that the gains of gold tends to fall or stagnate in contrast to bond mutual funds are constantly increasing all the time.
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2. The cost of the Minim Initial Investment
Excess second mutual fund investment than gold is, the lack of investment costs that need to be removed.From the data of the last few times, recorded data from company PT Aneka Tambang, the gold price in the smallest unit which is 1 gram to approximately Rp550.000.This means we have to spend at least the initial investment cost Rp500,000, it does not include the cost of renting a gold deposit.
The number is certainly higher when compared with the initial capital that needs to be removed if you want to invest funds.Even with only the 100,000 capital we are able to run a mutual fund investments online.
3. Not at Risk Missing
As we all know if we plunge in gold investment course we have the risk of losing physical.Because gold itself is a physical product and must be kept in a safe place.This is in contrast to mutual funds that do not have a physical form.
Basically mutual funds can be shaped like a flower or a dividend and will be managed by the custodian bank.Parties that will manage and ensure the security of our mutual fund investments.We need not worry to lose and do not need to also provide a special security for investment funds.
4. Offer Investment Options
When we run a portfolio of gold, we only had two choices between the gold stash with some purpose, or sell gold that we have.There are only two options if we are running a gold investment.
In contrast, if we make an investment fund, there is a choice of investment diversification that we can do.For example, the money that is in the mutual fund managers will not be planted only in one stock or bonds only, but can be on different types of stocks and bonds are different.This makes, the possibility also greater profits while pressing risk factors.
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5. Can Run Online
In the purchase of gold investment products at this time there had been a number of service providers that can be run online.But basically, the investment process is still run offline.
Not so with mutual fund investments.Currently there are mutual funds online facilities that can be run even though we are in a remote location of the provider.For the disbursement of the advantages of mutual funds will also be transferred through the account.So that everything can go online even without us having to leave the house.Practically not.
From several advantages when compared to mutual funds investing in gold investment above, we can conclude that it is indeed mutual funds can be a more profitable option.But it certainly does not mean we can not or are not recommended to run a gold investment.You can make a decision based on experience and also your own interests.Because investment is basically a personal step as a manifestation of the development of property assets.

Protect Your Kids from Bad Influence of the Internet with the following 4 Ways It


Each year development #internetare always observed to grow rapidly and significantly.Not only from the support network, but also on the number of users, the Internet became one of the elements that is now to be reckoned with.Of the widespread influence of the Internet is no doubt if then the Internet has plagued small children, perhaps your children at home.Well this is where you as a parent should have the capacity to undertake the protection of your children from bad influences internet.

On the one hand, the internet does contain some content that is bad for children.The bad content from the Internet course should you keep it away from your children who are playful internet.But how to teach children are protected from the bad influence of the internet?Here’s his review.

1. Secure Search Engines

The first way to protect children from bad influences internet is by securing #mesin search.Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and gradually so did have chances to show things that are not good for your kids.With the ease of accessing the bad content from this search engine then it selayaknyalah you as a parent to do security.

How to?The trick is to take advantage of Google’s SafeSearch feature.We would indeed devoted to the search engines that one is because Google is one of the most popular search engines.Now with SafeSearch feature enabled then you will be able to filter out adult content that appears on search results.Here’s how to enable Google SafeSearch feature:

*.On Computer Devices:
1. First, open the Google home page and click the search settings.
2. From there, find the “SafeSearch filters” section, check or uncheck the box next to “Enable SafeSearch”.
3. Finally click Save at the bottom of the page.

*.In Mobile Browser:
1. The first step opening the page and touch Google search settings.
2. From there look for the “SafeSearch filters” section, then enable secure search by selecting a filter explicit results and also turn off safe search by choosing to display the most relevant results.
3. Finally, touch the save in the bottom of the page.

*.On the Android app:
1. Open the Google app
2. Then in the left corner of the page, click the icon Menu> Settings> Accounts & privacy.
3. Then scroll down in the “SafeSearch filters”.From this section enable secure search by checking the box and also turn off safe search by unchecking the box.

2. Set Restricted Mode on YouTube

Next steps to safeguard your children from bad influences by setting the Internet is restricted mode in #youtube.Yes, YouTube movie media is also dangerous if not done setting.

Why?Because some of the content in this YouTube contain things that are not should be seen by children.Well this is where you need to make arrangements restricted mode on YouTube so that children avoid bad influences internet.Here’s how to be able to make arrangements restricted mode in YouTube.

*.At Computer Screen:
1. First drag down the Youtube page and then click on the small arrow next to “Safety: On” and pull it down again
2. The second step select Off (Off), then save

*.On Screen Mobile (Browser):
1. First select the YouTube logo in the top left corner to expand the menu.
2. Next select the gear icon to enter the settings menu.
3. Finally, select the “Mode protection (safety mode)” to enable or disable this feature.

3. Check Settings App Store

Further ways to protect children from the adverse effects of the internet is to perform a check settings App Store.In this way alone can be done to prevent a child downloading #aplikasiappropriate to their age and also prevent children from buying any item from the paid app without your permission.

4. Check the Social Media Privacy Settings

Lastly, how to avoid the children from bad influences the Internet is to check the privacy setting #media sociothem.If they have a social media account make sure you check its privacy settings.What for?Privacy settings social media is done to ensure that they can share and chat with people they know it.