If the Temperature Rise Due to Equinox, this suggestion For Dehydrated Skin Tak


Jakarta- equinox phenomenon is expected to occur on 21 March 2017. This is an astronomical phenomenon which, according to the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) does not necessarily lead to an increase in air temperature drastically.
Although there is not necessarily a drastic temperature increase, but it helps you figure out how to make your skin ready for the warmer temperatures.Delivered by a specialist in skin and venereal Husadha Surya Hospital, Dr. Laksmi Duarsa, SpKK, there are several ways you can do to maintain healthy skin over the face of the hot temperatures.
One is a bath when the body feels uncomfortable or too swelter.Needless to cold water as the information circulating on social media, with enough water lukewarm temperature.Equally important, wash the body slowly and not all at once.
For example, the first flush first part of the hands and feet, the face, and then the body.By doing so, the body can more easily adjust the water temperature.For frequency, there is no standard number of times that recommended.Bathing be advisable to suite your needs.
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Do not forget to drink water to keep the body and skin hydration.If the outstanding information is 3 liters per day, Dr. Lakshmi explains that there should be numbered so.Because if consumed in excessive amounts of water let alone at a time, that there would be damning your kidneys work.
“Drink 2 liters well enough really, adjust to the conditions only. The temperature does not need to be chilled so, mediocre does not matter. If possible better too you were in the room, yes, avoid excessive activity outdoors,” added Dr. Lakshmi.
If indeed you must exit the room, then you should use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. According to Dr. Laksmi, do not need to wear sunscreen with an SPF too high because if it does not fit it can make skin irritation and allergy.Make sure you wear sunscreen regularly repeated at least 4-5 hours once depended needs.
Equally important, if you are sweating it the heat, then you should not delay to change clothes.Wear clothing that was wet with sweat too long to invite the arrival of fungi that can cause infections and irritation dermatitis.