Microsoft Absent at the Tokyo Game Show


smkn 1 slahung
SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Jakarta- After the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) mid last year, there is still the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) which is held in September.But unfortunately, not all present at the annual party of the gaming industry, including Microsoft.
Microsoft has confirmed that it will be absent from the game event which took place on 17 and 18 September 2016 in the Japanese capital.Microsoft’s absence from TGS 2016 as well as a second time during a row.
Although absent appearing at TGS 2016, asquotedfromGamespot,Tuesday (08/09/2016), Microsoft will hold events aimed at fans in October 2016. Whether the event what it is, there is no definite explanation.
Earlier in 2014 Microsoft enliven TGS 2014 with the exhibition area, where penggunjung TGS 2014 could try to play dozens of games Xbox One.According to reports, the booth crowded.
Because the TGS 2014 was held one week after the Xbox One released in Japan.In contrast to the PlayStation 4 is already released in Japan since 2013.
Xbox One was according to reap record sales less salable.However, this does not discourage Microsoft in selling console.Microsoft continues to expect that sales rocketed by listening to what the market demand in Japan.
While Microsoft is absent at TGS 2016, Sony even rumored to be all out to introduce the PlayStation 4 Neo and slim version.