‘Doctors’ Immediate End, Park Shin Hye Sung Lee Kyung-Pose Exhibition Unyu


SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Not felt, drama “Doctors” will air its last episode on this day, Tuesday (23/8).As if to say farewell, Park Shin Hyeupload a video via his Instagram account.
In the video, Shin Hye is seen posing with fellow Unyu play, Lee Sung Kyung.Both looked compact show aegyo still wearing costume cute with a physician.
More and add to the impression Unyu, video was also filled with colorful pictures.Both their faces look even more cute with a decorative style rabbit.
Posts Shin Hye is of course instantly flooded with comments netter.There was a bit of a netter who called both very cute and sad because of the “Doctors” will soon be over.
“You two are so cute,” wrote a netizen.”Gosh funny. But I’m sad this drama is over,” added another netter.”OMG, the funny thing is, I’m definitely going to miss you guys,” commented another netter.