Demian Made Simon Cowel Gawk at America’s Got Talent


SMKN1Slahung – Magician Demian Adityaparticipatedin America’s Got Talent event.In the event, Demian made the jury and audience amazed.
In the show, he shows off the action, removing the handcuffs and the iron bands around the neck in just seconds.But, not in the usual way, if within two minutes he can not get away, then, his body will be buried in the sand of a box.
Thanks to his efforts, Demian successfully made the jury gawked.Even Simon Cowell who became one of the judges in the arena was amazed by the action demonstrated by Demian.Not only that, the other judges also gave astanding applausefor Demian.The audience also looked amazed.
This Demian action is uploaded by Demian himself in his Instagram account, _demianaditya_.
“See the full video in my bio link, and do not forget ti support me in @agt ???????????????? (finger cross)

Write the name of Indonesia on the international glass screen, a dream I’ve long dreamed of bs show to the world of art of magic from Indonesia, “wrote Demian in his Instagram account.

7 Tricks to Make Furniture Outdated Looks Like New


smkn 1 slahung
You’re cleaning the storeroom, then find your tired, old pots and crusty?Or do you have a favorite leather bag but who still want to use stubborn stains?Almost everyone has experienced the above events.You also must have felt pity to throw it away, or feel the object can still be used, but not as good as his performances have been new when used.
Relax, you do not need to throw objects your pet even though the color is outdated.With a few tricks below, you just need to do some simple ways that these objects look like new.Of course, you can put them on again with more confidence.Quoted from Brightside, here are 10 simple tricks you can try.
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Sneaker white
White canvas shoes is very fitting wear with any outfit.However, another problem if the favorite shoes turned dull and full of stubborn stains.Do not worry, mix hydrogen peroxide, Bakin soda and dishwashing liquid each two tablespoons.Use to wash the shoes that looked white as usual.
The carpet was stained often makes you dizzy because the stain is difficult once lost.No special tricks you can use to eradicate the stain.The trick, mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle.Spray it on the stain, then cover with a clean damp cloth.Then prepare a board with steam mode.Place it on top of the wet wipe for 30 seconds.Noda also guaranteed lifted perfectly.
Cutting board
Your cutting board looks dull and scarred?Clean it with a mixture of lemon juice and garram using a damp sponge.Cutting was again smooth as new.
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If your favorite teflon pan or burnt on the bottom, you can sprinkle salt into the desired part and set aside some time.Then flush with vinegar and scrub using a rough sponge.Rinse thoroughly.
tray grills
Grill tray is vulnerable to nest stains and is very difficult to clean.Now you can make it new again with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide with baking soda.Apply and let stand for 30 minutes then rinse.
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Ceramic floor bathroom
Water stubborn crust can be eradicated using bleach is mixed with water at a ratio of 1: 1.Rub the stained area.Do not forget to ventilate the room while cleaning yes.
Leather bag
You can clean stains or scratches on the skin bag using a dripping wet wipes or olive oil.Let it dry by itself.If the stain is still visible, repeat until the stain disappears.

Terrible 5 Case For Hair Cat Allergies


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Nowadays, everyone can freely express themselves through appearance.Not only through the clothes, we can also follow the trend of makeup, even change the color of the hair with ease.There are various kinds of hair dye products that we can use the message in the salon or at home.The price also varies, and can be tailored to the needs.
Cat hair itself contains a variety of chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions.Almost all hair dye products usually advise consumers to do an allergy test before using it directly on the hair.Although secured, some cases of severe allergies are common.Complaints such as swelling, blindness and even death because of hair dye allergies is certainly very terrible considering that this product is very easy to buy on the market.
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Allergic reactions to every person can certainly vary.Quoted from various sources, here are five terrible case for hair dye allergy.
Facial peel and sun allergies because of hair dye
A woman named Jo Thomson, could color the news in Britain in 2011 ago.Quoted from Express, Jo suffered severe swelling on his face after using hair dye at home.Initially, he did not expect to get allergies because it has been coloring hair according to the instructions and safety standards.The next day, scalp and face Jo begins to peel.Jo was rushed to hospital for treatment.But allergies do not stop there.His condition was getting worse until his skin is not able to withstand sunlight.His eyes almost blind because of the incident.Now Jo was very afraid to leave the house because of her being abysmally.
Young mother nearly died from an allergic hair dye
A young mother named Kelly almost died after using hair dye for £ 5.99.The plan, he would go home to visit prospective in-laws with a new hair color.Naas, a few hours after hair coloring, Kelly suffered severe itching on her head.His face was swollen until she had difficulty opening the eyes.Kelly went to the hospital with my fiance and her daughter.His condition got worse when her pulse suddenly increased to nearly have a heart attack.Luckily, his life was saved.Quoted from The Sun, the doctor said that Kelly has an allergy to the substance para-phenylenediamine (PPD) in hair dye, that are actually already banned its use throughout Europe.
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Master died ‘kekeuh’ hair coloring
The tragic events happened to a teacher named Zhao Yun from China.One day, he was preparing to attend a niece’s wedding.See the unnatural movement of his wife, the husband, prohibit Zhao Zhao for coloring hair for hair dye allergy always experienced before.However, Zhao remains ‘kekeuh’ and quietly went to the salon for hair coloring.It was not long, straight Zhao suffered an allergic reaction and her body began to weaken.Because do not want to get yelled at her husband, she said simply being sick with the flu.Unfortunately, the late Zhao helped until he died while being taken to hospital.
Failed to dance for hair dye allergy
It’s unfortunate fate of Charlotte.Intentions of the heart want to dye your hair to look dazzling at a school dance, he actually threatened the blind.The incident began when Charlotte coloring hair at a salon.When getting ready to go to the dance, Charlotte felt hot and itchy in the face and head.Her face was swollen and covered with a kind of eczema.She was not even able to see for 5 days.Carelessness on the salon, Charlotte was awarded damages amounting to 20 thousand pounds.Luckily, after undergoing medical treatment face Charlotte was recovered to normal.
Head swollen like an alien
Recently a hair dye allergy cases occurred again and enliven the news.A woman named Jullie Matthews suffered a severe allergic reaction after coloring the hair.Actually, this is not the first time Jullie hair coloring.But apparently this time he must undergo PPD allergy because of the material in the paint he was using.Face and head swelled up to look like an alien.Luckily, he did not experience more severe reactions.It took a week to heal swelling in the head Jullie.
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That’s a terrible case 5 for hair dye allergy.Indeed, not all hair dye will cause an allergic reaction such as the above.The producers must have been weighing the use of materials in accordance with safety standards up to a decent market.For those of you who want to dye hair dye, you should follow the allergy test is recommended for at least 2 days prior to use hair dye, in order to avoid any risk of unwanted allergies.