5 Facts About Google Surprising Covert


SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – 5 Facts About Google Surprising Covert – Who is not familiar with Google, US multinational that berkekhususan on services and Internet products.Those products include search technology, web computing, software, and online advertising.
But did you know some unique facts about Google follows, the following facts may aka impress you even wonder, then what are the fata, see review below Tricks.
1. Google Employing goats
True, you’re not misreading.Google employs 2000 goats to make sure the pages are clean of grass that is quite disturbing, Google prefers natural way than to use a mower that cause pollution.
2. Google employs a camel
You certainly know about google street if in Indonesia and several other states to use the car to get a street view, but for a place like Arabic and other desert camel google using them as tools.
3. Finding the castle is lost after 20 years
A Dutch Archaeologists find the castle missing only with the help of google map, they have stopped looking after the castle was 20 years ago.That is one example of the many aid google map.
4. Google calculate the speed through the android
Google calculates whether in the street while it is occurring congestion or not to keep track of whether the android when it moves fast or slow in the streets.You may not think that google to see when it is a real-time accurate with the help of some android phones.
5. Google has more than 450 thousands of servers scattered around the world.
Google is one of the Internet companies that have the largest number of servers scattered around the world, there are currently more than 450 thousand google servers that exist in every country around the world.
Not surprisingly, it turns out there are a lot of unique and strange facts owned google that probably every day we used it.

Avoid too often Changing Blog Templates, 4 Due to recent There For The Following


In Blogging activity often we encounter boredom or saturated.Boredom or boredom that may be required because every day is always looking for ideas and write or also because of frequent blog staring at a screen that’s it.Staring at the screen with a blog that’s it really could have made us then saturated.

Well from here then appeared to action or change the look of the blog template.Indeed, for some bloggers who are easily bored or fed up action switch the map or template is a powerful way to re-invigorating the views and his blog saturation drive.

But did you know that there are consequences or adverse effects of frequent bergonta this template?From here I advise you bloggers should avoid frequently change the template.And here are some lists adverse consequences of frequent replace the template.Here’s his review.

1. The fall Traffic Blog

As a result of the first or the adverse effects of frequent change the blog template is the decline in traffic.The fall in traffic or number of visitors blog is already certain to be on blogs often menggonta replace its template.It is caused by laziness of visitors who see a cluttered blog.Because at the turn template blogger usually required to set many things in the blog.

Well from here then that makes visitors who already know the address of your blog site feel lazy after seeing your blog apart.What if the blogger temporarily close access during replacement of the template?Of course will be the same, even with the temporary closing there will be no visitors.And this will make the blog traffic will die.

2. Considered Blog Professional photo and photo Character

Furthermore, the adverse effects that could result from a blog that often bergonta template is the emergence of the notion that blogs are not professional and not character.Yes, like a human appearance, then the appearance of a blog that is always changing will also generate a response.Well generally people are always changing appearance will be regarded as the person who was in character because they had no distinctive features.

Well so did the blog, if you often change the appearance or blog template then you will be considered as people who do not have the character (typical).Even more than that you also have to prepare for the assumption that you are not considered to be professional by some #bloggerthere.

3. Earning Wasted Time Wasted

When you decide to change the look of your blog template, then you are inevitably have to take your time to tinker with the blog.Time used to tinkering with this new blog template itself is not a moment.Well this is where there will be a productive time is wasted.

Actually time is wasted on the set of this new blog template that you can use to write and reproduce the content on the blog.But if you stick to the decision to change the template then you must be prepared to sacrifice your productive time.

4. Destructive Quality SEO and SERP Blog

Impact or other bad consequences that can occur in a blog that often changed the template is the destruction of the quality of #SEOand SERP blog.If you tether a specific HTML code for the purpose of maximizing the blog, then when you replace them with new templates can be HTML code is lost.

Even if you later remember the HTML code but may also be a new template could not be compatible to the existing HTML code.And one more thing you need to remember that Google takes about one week to be able to crawl back existing content on the blog with the latest template.From this blog you will experience a decline in the quality of SEO and SERP.

5. Blogs So Messy, Chaos and Unmanageable

Lastly, blogs are often changed template will experience the look messy, chaotic and unruly.Yes, this can indeed happen.Because not all blog template can be arranged easily.The problem with coding that is different from the other templates.

In the widget settings can also happen the same thing that makes bloggers trouble laying out widgets as desired.Therefore to avoid the blog messy and unruly then avoid too-frequent replacement template.