SYNOPSIS Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 4


SYNOPSIS Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 4 Part 1

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Rain fell with mane and lightning unremitting grabbing.The masked man carrying a woman get into his car.He then took the car to a car pengancuran.Do not forget, he also cut its number plate to remove traces.
Episode 4: Her True Identity
Min Hyuk lying on his sofa without being able to fall asleep.He then decided to go to the secret room.When looking at the sofa, a small smile on her face instantly pops.Min Hyuk thoughtfully consider how Bong Soon previous owner of the motor makes a man unconscious and dragged him lightly.
“Whatever I saw, it was not normal.” Murmured Min Hyuk.
Bong Soon busy making the game character makes.He sort out the weapons that will be used that character, he would prefer it if using direct fist.The fist is very strong.
Suddenly the phone rang Bong Soon Gook get a telephone call from Du.Bong Soon is still a bit miffed to accept it with a gloomy face.Gook Du wondering if Bong Soon back to stay at the man’s house.No, Bong Soon there at home.
“I say this because I’m your friend, you’re not a kid anymore.You’re age appropriate for marriage.Live a more mature and disciplined. ”
Bong Soon respond relaxed, after all, nothing happened.Gook Du told him to listen to any advice.Bong Soon understand, but if he menelefonnya just to say that?
“Actors have already seen your face.Change the style of clothes, hair and all that is possible to be changed.Then thank Bong Ki that has helped my girlfriend. ”
Bong Soon refused, saying alone.Gook Du so surprised by the attitude Bong Soon sudden jutek him, is there anything had upset her lately?
“I could feel offended and angry.I also have a heart and the heart sometimes hurt either! ”
“Do Bong Soon!You and I are friends.That means I’m saying it for your own good. ”
“Stop!I also never said that we are not friends. ”
Bong Soon terminate telefonnya feeling cranky.It was the first time he turned off the telephone from Du Gook.Recently she found it difficult to control her powers and too hard to control his emotions.
Bong Soon Mobile Phones rang again received a call from the ‘Men Banmal Proud’ is none other than Min Hyuk.Bong Soon accept it snapped.Min Hyuk asking the condition of Bong Soon, what the head was not dizzy anymore.Bong Soon claimed to have gotten better, but it seemed back again because Min Hyuk menelefonnya.There was menelefonnya?
Min Hyuk had something that made him curious.It’s about the power of Bong Soon, she whispered asked admitted that in fact he is a man.Cash Bong Soon Inwardly cursing, calling Min Hyuk Psycho, immoral and obscene.
Min Hyuk still whispering, he promised not to tell anyone.Bong Soon could no longer contain his frustration, why is he curious?So he would date her if she was a man?This is the reason telephoned midnight only to interfere with her personal life?What thumb feeling better?
“Of course not.More sick again when this time of night.Imagine the pain of the Secretary Gong, but thumbs cracked just have this pain. ”
Bong Soon did not know what he would do when I am angry.So he told Min Hyuk stop nonsense, or other body parts will he trample.Min Hyuk is not received, what Bong Soon was threatening him?
“Of course not, how could lowlife like me dare to threaten you?”
Min Hyuk even more curious, what lest she can solve large stone using his head.Bong Soon explode hear babble Min Hyuk, they will find the answer tomorrow.See if his head would burst broken or not.Bong Soon hung up telefonnya absurdly annoyed.
“Basic Psycho!” Snorted Min Hyuk and Bong Soon simultaneously.
Coinciding moment, suddenly the room door open Bong Soon.Gook Du was standing at the front door using a full uniform and looked very handsome.Bong Soon instantly fascinated by the charisma Gook Du.Even his eyes, Gook Du currently looks very shiny.He slowly reached out a hand grabbed intend Gook Du.
But first a woman’s hand grabbing the hand Gook Du.Turning, shoulder-length haired woman was none other than Min Hyuk.Bong Soon she stared at him defiantly.With aggressive, Du Min Hyuk embraced Gook with a passion.He Gook Do mengingkap uniform and squeezed his b0k0ng.
Cash Bong Soon horrified “NO!”
Bong Soon was awakened from a dream absurd.He himself realized his dream gegulingan it was very disgusting.
Police office, a senior asked if they received a report a case of Do Bong-dong lately.Gook Du already checked, the average of cases reported are cases of children who run away from home.
The Senior comparing their case with the drama ‘Chief Inspector’.In the play, a woman who reportedly disappeared after 10 days.Usually they are a woman who lives alone and likes traveling.He was known to disappear after a police officer reported milk because they do not get paid”Ms. Yang Suk Jung and Ms. Kim Ji Won, both live with their families.” Gook said Du.Gook Senior Du could not immediately thanks to another word, he changed the subject by asking their forensic test results.
Mother and ahjumma gang gathered at the bakery as usual.Mother Bong Soon mengkonfrotasi Myung Soo’s mother about the news that if his brother is a businessman who has a shopping complex.Myung Soo evasive mother, sister just had a few buildings.
Mother and ask her mother Myung Soo to help them as well.Mother Myung Soo also promised to use the money to buy his commission from shops and would obtain a strategic place for the other two.How?
“It’s not a matter that can be discussed.We must meet the experts. “Says Mom.
Experts were Ms. mean a witch.Shaman predicts if their efforts will indeed make money.But there are children kunyuk annoys them.Mother shocked, child kunyuk instead of the witch?
Shaman justify, these people using a weapon sword.Actually, the strongest is that holding the hilt alias superiors.If they can win from his superiors then they will benefit fourfold.Third Ahjumma was joy at the forecast either.
Then she asked about his forecast, Do Bong Soon working in the company.Shamans would make her put the money paid and specify the date of birth.
“August 15, 1991, and he was born 02:30.I want them both to sleep together.It can speed up the relationship between a man and a woman more than anything. “Said Mrs. shamelessly.
Bong Soon met Min Hyuk to question the meaning of the letter P in the schedule.Min Hyuk ordered that Bong Soon approaching.Bong Soon so wonder what he will not go to the hospital?They left without saying anything.The doctor may be looking for them.
Min Hyuk did not care about it.He also explained that if the meaning of the word P in the schedule means Privacy.Bong Soon surprised, as part of his schedule had no P. Of course, Min Hyuk haughtily crossed his legs, his life consisted of eating and having fun.Is not it amazing?
Min Hyuk said that if he could not find the bike yesterday.He was sure the police do not find it as well.He had already contacted some people now.Bong Soon curious, what has now discovered?
“Not really.”
Min Hyuk hungry at this point, he wants to eat so asked Bong Soon to cook.Bong Soon refuses, she is not a maid.Min Hyuk using leg pain as an excuse.Min Hyuk stood grimacing in pain with his lebay “Eh, you’re so upset with me?In fact, I’m the victim here? ”
Bong Soon finally pretended sweet and asked Min Hyuk back down.She would cook for him.Min Hyuk smiled happily, continuing his show lying on the couch with ease.
Bong Soon he saw chopsticks plug on the table yesterday.Slowly he walked over to revoke the chopstick.But Min Hyuk forbid it aloud, do not unplug it.
Bong Soon obey waffle Min Hyuk.He sort out groceries he would cook.Some of the apples he remove.He did not make the juice using a juicer but she prefers squeezed Min Hyuk is currently no notice.
He also gives a glass of water apples remasannya.Min Hyuk reluctant to drink it, he’s penginnya eat.Bong Soon grounded if the apples are used at breakfast is a drug.Min Hyuk is finally willing to drink the water of the apple, but he still want to eat and whine at Bong Soon that she made food.
Shaman predicted if Bong Soon will gain great fortune if married to the man.Luck is a woman is directly linked to her husband.She would marry a good family.
She was happy to hear it, but he heard that he was a gay.Shaman scold Mother, what kind of him to want his daughter to marry a dog (gae)?Mother corrected, not gae but gay.
Wkwkw .. Shaman direct confusion, perhaps only a mother daughter could get physically violent when they got married.I bet if Shaman wrong in fortune telling and not her daughter would often get hit.
On the way home, Trio Ahjumma curious about the identity of the man who holds the sword.What might the police or thugs instead?Mother Myung Soo then discuss about the man who is close to Bong Soon, he looked normal.Mother snorted, he also thought so.He wants it so badly like a beautiful apple tree belonged to a neighbor.But unfortunately it could not be eaten apple.
Min Hyuk came into the kitchen and found the artificial food Bong Soon has been arranged there.Instantly it was also his gaze turns mellow, this food is often the mother Make a meal for him.Min Hyuk smiled a little and then devour dishes Bong Soon, tasty.
Bong Soon is currently located in the car.He telephoned Gyeong Sim and confide about her boss ordered her own wishes.If she was hired as a bodyguard, he should just protect it.Gyeong Sim told him to calm down, after all, he has also been guilty of stepping on his foot.
“No, no, no!He underestimated the police, and the law!He thinks the world revolves around him!Why did he give me a radio like this if he would act without restraint is this?There is no requirement to make her food when I started working in this company! “Cerocos Bong Soon endlessly.Walkie talkie Bong Soon reads, Min Hyuk tell if he was finished eating.He wanted out so Bong Soon to be helped.Bong Soon glanced sharply toward the house Min Hyuk but he responded to his words with a sweet “Well, daepyonim.”
Min Hyuk play recordings Bong Soon who chided him behind.This is what the human, then it should speak talk behind the place that can not reach.Bong Soon panic witnessed Min Hyuk watch the tape, what is this?
Min Hyuk pointed Bong Soon had breached the contract.Someone who signed contracts prohibited for libel on contract maker.Bong Soon evasive, he did not commit blasphemy.Min Hyuk heard a recording of Bong Soon said, “This man” with kontasi mocking.He approached Bong Soon angrily.
“Watch your feet.”
Min Hyuk realized and returned limping.Bong Soon defend himself if he does not commit libel, he did not call as ngs * br * k, psycopath or something.
“The expression of the words that are used when you want to imply that the other was located underneath you or to lift yourself when referring to the people involved and to malign them, basic cunning!”
“I just call someone.Who does what one of her that? ”
Is it true?Min Hyuk re-thinking of Bong Soon speech and took her out to perform the task.Bong Soon mempersilahkannya for the road ahead but Min Hyuk immediately stretched out his hand, ask for being carried.Bong Soon was a lot of protest and helped him walk toward the elevator.