10 Unique Facts About Iceland Not Known


SMKN1Slahung – Iceland attracted the world’s attention recently. The name of the country in the West European region became a byword after making a surprise in 2016 European football tournament in June – July 2016. They managed to beat the British favorite team and advanced to the quarter-finals, although only reinforced players ‘second class’ . Well, in addition to these achievements, it turns out there are some unique facts about Iceland that has not been widely known.
10 Raw Birds Be Favorites
The people of Iceland have a very strange favorite food. Puffin’s heart, a small, black-and-white seabird, is a typical Icelandic cuisine. Even more strangely, the bird’s heart was eaten raw. The dish is considered very tasty by the Icelandic occupation. In addition, they also really like the sauce. In fact, this country has a special sauce for pizza, fried, hamburger, and hot dogs.
9 Geothermal Energy Resources Abundant
The country close to the North Pole has no mountains, but only the plateau. Even so, it turns out that the land in Iceland is full of active volcanic, although the temperature is relatively cold because it is included in the Antarctic circle. That way, the country has a source of geothermal energy is abundant. In fact, geothermal energy sources that account for 20 percent of electricity use in Iceland.
8 Strollers in Front of Cafe
Icelandic residents have many strange customs, which are unusual in other countries. One of them, you will see many strollers in front of cafes, without the guarding of their parents. People in this country really like to leave their babies in a stroller outside the cafe, so the baby is not disturbed by noise. While the mothers gossiped inside the cafe. Even so, they never worry, because Iceland is very safe.
7 Have a Lesbian Prime Minister
Since 2010, Iceland has allowed homosexual marriage. This policy could be triggered because the country has a prime minister who is a lesbian. Johanna Siguroardottir is Prime Minister of Iceland since February 1, 2009. She became the first female prime minister in Iceland, and was the first head of government in the world to openly declare herself a lesbian.
The 6 Most Happy Countries in the World
Iceland is the most enjoyable place to stay. This country is indeed the second happiest country in the world, besides Switzerland, Denmark and Norway. It has been proven in research. Population population in Iceland itself is not much, recorded only about 300 thousand inhabitants. The amount is equivalent to the population in Sukabumi, West Java. No wonder Iceland became one of the happiest countries in the world.
5 No McDonalds and Striptis Bar
Until now, there is absolutely no McDonald’s in Iceland. The fast food place is no longer in this country after the financial crisis of 2009 ago. In addition, striptease bars will also not be found in this country. Despite being a liberal country, the Iceland Government has made a rule that prohibits the operation of nightspots featuring dance activities naked since 2010.
4 Handball is More Popular than Football
It turns out that football is not popular in Iceland. You could say, a handball that became a national sport. In fact, everyone in Iceland must know the names of their national ball players. His achievements are also pretty flashy. Their national team never won a silver medal in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. With that achievement, Iceland became the smallest country ever to win medals for team sports.
3 Believe In The Fairy World
Although most of the Icelandic population is Christian Lutheran, they still believe in the fairy world and run paganism or paganism. Many Icelandans believe that the fairies live in rocky areas and have magical powers. In fact, they also believe the fairies will be angry if their homes are disturbed, so it does not carelessly damage nature.
2 No Family Name
If most of the last names of Europeans use the name of their father or family, the Icelands do not even have a surname. The majority of Icelandic surnames are made up of first-name fathers or mothers with additional ‘son’ for boys or ‘dottirs’ for girls. So, be the last name ‘Gunnarson’ for a boy from a ‘Gunnar’, or ‘Gunnardottir’ for his daughter.
1 Do not Have Military Power
Many people call Iceland very safe. So it is not strange that this country has absolutely no military power. Only the coast guard is responsible for security and law enforcement. The police also never carry weapons. In fact, the presidential building in Iceland also has no security. Even so, Iceland is one of the NATO members, and participates in world peace.