Words set Recent Funny About Love 2016


SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Love is actually a funny thing, how does not love is not visible but setaip person who is always happy.Sometimes we laugh to myself when I think of funny things we’ve passed with a sweetheart.The word funny word about lovesometimes makes our life more colorful because love does not have to only about things that are romantic but cuteness will only make love more meaningful.
For those of you who are sad or upset because of the romance, let’s for a moment forget about cal because we will present somefunny words about love.With hope for anyone who reads it will return you happy and cheerful.This cutty words we can then send to your loved ones and crushes us, it could be to update the status of social media such as facebook, twitter, and path.
Words of Love Crap Funny Romance
A Learning that I really want farming techniques, let me know what the ideal fertilizer so that we can both grow in love forever
When one door of happiness is closed, another door will be opened.Therefore, do not nail you in the door that has been closed.
I love you to the rich natural resources, there is always going and kept updated
I know of one hour 60 minutes and one minute 60 seconds.But I never knew that one second without you is like a lifetime.
Your love is like a banana compote.Wrote his first sweet, lama2 sepet.
In each I pray, I was reminded of you dear .. It was, this heart eager sholati downloading mu …
I used to wonder, napa until the fight?Only because of love.Then I remember your face, and suddenly, I felt ready to face the Third World War.
If you nanya how many times you come to my mind, honestly wrote, just once.Abisnya, ga pergi2 heck!
If all women in this world ye rich, certainly all going to be silent.Because all going speechless after seeing
If you become a tear, I’m willing to be crocodile.
You this man what fro?Make brother could not turn away.
Because we’ve long relationship, I have a plan |wedding plans?|not, but plan to finish with you |
I’m really sorry if you guns equal attention.Endless I confused ngebagi same time between ngangenin you thinking about you
Although I’ve grown but I’m still able to live independently guns, guns proof I can not live without you
Motor need gasoline, flowers need water, if I need anything behold ??|definitely need me!|yee, people I need money.
Neng father glazier huh?|How do you know?|Ngaca dong’ve had nothing like the same brother?
Broke it means buying.Because you’ve mecahin my heart, you have to pay for use Love You
Since I’m familiar with you, it’s innate I want to keep learning.Learning to be the best for you
You deserve at the striker position, when playing ball, because just dirimulah who can break my heart with your smile once.That was funny word about the love that we managed to gather from the various media, television, newspapers, the internet, or from status colongan those of friends on social media.How not entertaining enough?So why continue to face life with a wistful smile because a smile can make other people happy sad also.Ok so many of us thank you for visiting.