Finding Dory, Fish Story Amnesia Looking for People His parents


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The figure Dory widely known after the animated film Finding Nemo world’s attention in 2003. Although not a main character Dory, but his behavior was able to capture the attention because he was a forgetful fish.
Even so popular Dory, he also made a movie of its own with the title Finding Dory.Actually missing this time not Dory, but this film the audience finally knows that Dory is a ‘long lost child’ alias long-lost child, and partly by amnesia suffered.
Dory tale began when he was a child.At that time he was spending time with both parents, one of them by playing hide and seek.But small Dory already showing symptoms of amnesia, because when asked to count, he can only reach the number 4, and then direct his attention is diverted to other things.
Apparently since childhood Dory already know if he was having trouble with his memory.By her parents, she was taught that when you meet a stranger and questioned his condition, he would have replied ‘I suffer from short-term memory loss’.
However, her parents never questioned it in front of the baby.They only cautioned that no small Dory and drifted apart from them.
Only, with amnesia and small Dory innocence, fear it happen too.Suddenly, blue tangs types of fish are found in darker waters, and since that time he lived loitering there.Later found out if Dory swept away because they want to find a favorite purple shells mother.
Everyday he spent time searching for his family by asking the fish he encountered on the road.Of course Dory did not find an answer because he could not remember details about them.Until a Dory adult when colliding with Marlin, Nemo’s father and began their adventure to rescue Nemo.Since then Marlin and Nemo is the only family Dory.
Then how can Dory suddenly remembered his family?Because of a misunderstanding, a moment Dory became a teaching assistant in the class of Mr. Ray, a stingray.That day Mr Ray will bring her class to see the migration of stingrays, and they got involved in a discussion.When it Dory asked by one of a fish that is in a class about where Dory raised.With a gloomy face, Dory said she did not because she suffered from short-term memory loss.
“How do you remember your family if you have short-term memory loss?”fish asks it again.Dory then replied, he could only remember what he said makes sense as a matter of family.This is because he believes all people must have a family, it’s just that he did not remember.
Amnesia is generally defined as a condition in which a person loses memory of facts, information, and experiences he had ever felt.Interestingly, in the film and television series, with amnesia often described by someone who forgot who he was, whereas amnesia betulan never experienced this.
As quoted from the Mayo Clinic, people with amnesia know exactly who he is.It’s just difficult for them to absorb new information and forming new memory or memories in their brains because amnesia triggered by damage to the part of the brain that plays vital role in processing memory.
However, it should be understood that there are two types of amnesia:
– Anterograde amnesia, loss of the ability to learn new information
– Retrograde amnesia, loss of the ability to remember events and information that has been known and experienced before
In the case of Dory, he had anterograde amnesia.And it is precisely because of amnesia, Dory unable to continue the discussion with Mr Ray and the journey began, until they came to the edge of the mainland.At that time Mr Ray told the small fish from being swept away, and that’s where Dory remember the first thing about her family.But when flashback memory came, Dory unwittingly dragged flock of stingrays migrating though later rescued.
That’s where he was given the second clue, namely ‘the jewel of Morro Bay, California’.After asking for help Marlin, three riding herd of turtles to reach the waters of California.And suddenly they were stranded on a dark waters, which was later known as part of the Marine Life Institute, an institute of marine animal rehabilitation.
Dear Dory was caught by officers and brought in.There he was met by a squid named Hank.Hank was the one Dory Marine Life Institute know that this is where he came from, and with the help of the squid, he tried to find them.There are interesting scenes footage that occurs when Dory and Hank broke into the institute’s office to view the map.
Dory hopes to see the map, he could remember where they come from.And she happened to read ‘Kids Zone’.Hank heard directly enraged.It seems that Hank had a bad experience with children, even he admitted losing tentacles hence.