Survey of Forbes, MU Richest Club World


SMKN1Slahung – Manchester United crowned as the richest club of Forbes magazine.Club nicknamed the Red Devils that shift the former Real Madrid champions of the most prosperous clubs universal.
According to Forbes,theMUbrandhas a strong appeal supported by an aggressive sponsorship strategy to make the club made by Jose Mourinho is flooded with wealth of money, with the current value of US $ 3.69 billion, or equivalent to Rp51, 9 trillion.
The speed of cash inflows MU, it turns out exceed the speed of Real Madrid this year managed to retain the Champions League.Note Forbes, United generated revenues of US $ 765 million during the 2015-2016 season, US $ 77 million more than Barcelona and Real Madrid.
“Manchester United’s return to the top spot is a testament to their great fame and marketing acumen,” Forbes editor Mike Ozanian told ThePoston Wednesday, June 07, 2017.
Forbes survey found United to be the most profitable team in the world with operating income of US $ 288 million, US $ 107 million more than Madrid.
Barcelona placed second in the year, with a value of US $ 3.64 billion.Meanwhile, Madrid fell to third position with a value of US $ 3.58 billion, after being in first position for four years.
The top five were completed by Bayern Munich’s ($ 2.71 billion) Bundesliga giants and English Premier League club Manchester City (US $ 2.08 billion).
Arsenal are sixth on the list with a value of US $ 1.93 billion, just ahead of Chelsea (US $ 1.85 billion) and Liverpool (US $ 1.26 billion).
The Italian giants, who were crushed Madrid in the Champions League Final yesterday, Juventus are ninth with US $ 1.26 billion.
Tottenham rounded out the top 10 with a value of US $ 1.06 billion.Paris Saint-Germain is 11th in the list, with an estimated value of US $ 841 million.(Asp)